Unborn ritual

I’ve been searching/ researching a recent ritual I was shown…with no luck so I am reaching out to members of BALG…

Set the scene…I was communicating in deep trance with lucifer, within a magic circle.

I was with Lucifer and then I was surrounded by smoke and then appeared 9 hooded robed demons, surround by darkness, I was in the centre and then they showed me a ritual that involved 3 unborn souls…and I mean literally showed me them taking 3 unborn souls from their mothers.

They explained it was necessary for what was to be given…
They cradled the energy within each of their hands and I was then alone in the centre,
Don’t get me wrong at this point my mind felt a bit messed with after watching what they did, but I felt there was no harm towards to me.

The energy was then sent to me…ok so literally forced into me, I didn’t mind although it it made me feel sick, then one by one they confirmed I was able to call upon them, before darkness engulfed me, then they were gone.

I could then see myself sat in my circle and I was told by lucifer it would take awhile for my soul and body to accept…blend again.

I was then taken somewhere else…via astro travel,

As soon as I was back in my body I did much research to find out but kinda got stuck…

I have communicated since with lucifer and others, I’ve asked but I’m being given knowledge on another level to what I have been used to instead…

So please if you’ve experienced this ritual or have links to information I would appreciate your knowledge on this matter.



Big Daddy getting his babies back.


Thank you for sharing with me…

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Random question were the unborn male or female? I actually could see this being done to you as I read it. I was wondering the sex if the unborn since couldn’t sense it.


@Angelb1083 The sex of the unborn were male…

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Thank you so much. I never saw a ritual when reading before it was quite interesting honestly.

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Mt perspective is that you needed a bigger spirit to be able to generate more power to ascend, and the other entities that would have incarnated into new bodies instead were absorbed by you.

I’m just musing here, but being unborn means much less confusion in the way of the energy of learned human personality, so I’m expecting you would not have personality changes from this.

Compare that to a walk-in I had three or so years ago of a male, who I absorbed and eventually am coming back to my baseline, but as a female vessel with a large part of me having this male personality I changed identities, developed body dysphoria and new male-pattern gestures and attitudes. I was less than perfect, but it’s one way of growing.

Those baby vessels will probably receive new walk-ins - nature abhors a vacuum and there are more spirits trying to incarnate here than there are vessels to go around, I don’t think they’ll go to waste.


@Maulbeere thank you for sharing…definitely no personality changes as such…

more a free feeling …those close to me can sense the change, also there’s been a growth in my magical abilities.

Seems to me that they have plans for you unborn souls… Iay have to do a bit of digging myself for u on this…

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May I send you a message?

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@Shani of course :blush:

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Sure that’s fine with me