Unbinding spirits?

Has anyone here saught to unbind spirits from their bind-seals and their binders. If so, what is most effective way to accomplish this?

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Depends on what binds, if you mean the lesser and greater key bindings then you don’t have to worry about those. Personally for any other sigils you can do it ritual based or directly, for me I tend to scan the sigil then send my own energy into it to break down the binding. Atleast enough for the entity in question to slip out or free themselves. However, like anything it depends on the binding to a point it might take more or less energy/time.

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The reason I ask is because I wish to take down Creepy Hollows with their own unfortunately captured spirits. A friend of mine bought a spirit from them and the binder was sickly torturing it. I had to forward her to a Goddess I know to heal it. A damned muse named Mayleh abused and renamed “marley”, a fucking dogs name.

I wouldn’t worry about that some of it’s proclaimed “spirits” are thoughtforms and egregores that they convinced themselves along with those who fail to question the legitimacy create and feed. You can tell by the fact some of the stuff is completely made up or taken snippets from D&D or mythology with a twist. Besides that in one order it was a servitor that wouldn’t leave until forced to, you’re better off putting your energy into better things then pseudo-spirits.

The few legit cases the entities I’ve come to meet from it state they’re not dead and they don’t know why they claim they are, I formed my own free bonds with them as the bonds from them were pretty much meh.

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The spirit seemed real to me, I make my own quasi spirits and i have a sense of what isnt or is quasi. This thing was in PAIN, egregore or not.

If it was in pain it could of been the actual cases they do have legit entities, I’m saying in a lot of cases it’s not a legit entity and to go through all of them to find out which is legit and which isn’t. Besides they believe themselves to be the best of the best and their bindings incapable of tampering.

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Creepy hollows bindings are extremely powerful. Many do claim thst they capture and force-bind spirits. Most of the time, forced binding makes it so that they must be forced to obey their buyer and also to never say they are forces

They’re not extremely powerful lol. Also they claim it’s not forced.


I dont think most are forced. Many people claim that though

Maybe on the spirits way to your friend it was attacked by a rouge spirit. Because me, being a buyer from CH have never had any spirits come to me forcefully. I’ve asked and they went to CH to find someone that they could assist in life, and they chose me. So as I said, maybe it was attacked on the way to your friend in the astral from some being.


But hey, that’s just my opinion and experience with them. And like all opinions, they may not be yours, which is fine. Everyone can believe what they want, I’m not gonna force anyone to believe me.


It’s honestly hard to tell because CH is like anyone else, unless you can tell a lie from the truth, but they have many people who blindly follow them that will simply say “no they don’t” not out of actually knowing but simply out of the usual newbies looking up to someone who sounds like they know what they’re talking about, which is a common thing. However, to know I suppose one could hope for a actual entity and ask it, that is if they don’t care much for the price and somewhat 50/50 chance of legit/fake.


Hiya OP! CH isn’t a fat cat when it comes to bindings, though, they have a few servitors that are made to maintain these restrictions at least while they’re in-house. If you want to talk about abolishing the site, PM me since I’m pretty sure that talk isn’t allowed publicly! :slight_smile:

As for unbinding, this is one of Lucifer’s key functions as the breaker of chains, so you could always ask him to help out. If you’d rather do it yourself, render the binding in a scrying and tarot format so you can see how it works and what powers constitute the binding- you can then introduce antithetical energies to negate the function of the binding, or you can make tools of your own and dismantle the energies of the binding before dissolving them in a demonic being of the fire element. :slight_smile:

If you truly want an unbinding of your spirits I would suggest going straight to Magnolia or Ash about it,they won’t refuse you service,I’ve bought 7 spirits from CH and none of them were forcibly bound or egrigores(I know that as I’ve had other spirits from other sellers confirm and also as I create them often)there’s no safe way to unbind other than having them do it,but I suggest actually talking to your spirit about what happened,if you did that already I apologize but I see these posts often and thought I’d attempt to lend some knowledge as I’ve Been buying from CH for years