Unbalanced chakras

I’ve been getting a lot of sore throats for a while now, and I’ve been feeling a knot in my throat. I did some cleaning, but it wouldn’t go away. I asked my spirits and they said I might have opened it too wide. How can I balance it? I know how to open a blocked chakra, not how to restore the balance of an overly functioning chakra.
I also wanted to ask for some advice regarding the heart chakra. A few days ago I got confirmation from two spirits that I have a broken chakra. I have many respiratory problems and I have this problem that even if I go to meditate and clean I can’t fix it.
Because of these two chakras, I breathe badly, I have anxiety, and I feel heavy.
(I must say that I have made medical examinations and apparently I am healthy as a fish)

This is my go to for charka work
Ive found it useful and its pretty to the point
V.K did an amazing job channeling this

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If your needing to fix your chakra. you need to take care of your health. medical exams don’t deal with energy issues.

I would say to fix the energy system. Learn to deep breathe coastal breathing. That means getting more oxygen to the lungs. Most people shallow breathe which affect health. full deep breathing of coastal to expand chest /lungs so that it stretches out your core center. Do it often. More oxygen means more life to body which promote better energy flow. It will take conscious effort to do such breathing exercise ,however, it’s worth it. It’s so easy to go back to shallow breathing due to stress. People need more practice in full upper body coastal breathing to improve one’s health.

A nice way is to raise both arms up as you fully inhale breath too. Gets good stretch.


True!! I remember playing football as a kid and they would have us put out arms over our heads (helmets) And breathe in so we get more oxygen to the lungs . I still do that now if I work out