Unaccepted pact

I consulted my pendulum and it was revealed that my pact with Satan was not accepted.

However, it was revealed that my pact with King Belial was accepted.I tried asking the pendulum whether I should contact Lucife and it said yes.

Question is what should I do? As to Satan and Lucifer?


In my conversations, Satan will have no problem rejecting a pact if you feel you are not ready. There must be something internally that’s holding you back and for a pact you will need 100% of you for it to work.

Work with some of the others first, Belial is awesome to work with and Lucifer often works in unison with the others so not seeing a problem there.

You got this!


Wouldnt it be too much to ask if you could ask Satan if he has accepted our pact? Its weird that the pendulum is giving me mixed answers. Im 100% on board with the pact, im just concered with the answer given by the pendulum.

For those with certain sight will see me and I will undoubtedly be there.

@Aprentiz has the right of it. He may feel you’re not quite ready.

It could be a lot of things, though. Did you ask for too much/little? Did you offer too much/little? Is there another Deity you should work with first? Should you develop another means of communication prior to working with him (if so, which?)?