Unable to make contact

I’ve been trying for a while now ti make contact with something. I have yet to experience a real success, and it’s getting frustrating. I’ve never successfully managed to make a sigil glow no matter how long I’ve stared at it, and when I ask a direct question to entities it’s always wrong. I’m sort of at my wits end. I’ve called out to everything from mephistal to lucifuge rofocale because it’s getting to the point where I’m not even worried anything is going to show up. I don’t know if I’m still just not getting the tgs correct or what (I’m an extreme insomniac so falling asleep on command is nearly impossible). I’m going down tge list finding the biggest and the baddest to call on because honestly at this point I want something to show up and give me a serious bitch slap so that I know it’s here. My inability to be successful here is flooding into everything else and causing problems. Before I was fairly good at sorcery, with about a 70% chance of whatever coming to pass. Now? It’s much lower and I feel like entities are simply ignoring me. I’m looking for advice. Soul travel and spirit communication are the two things I want the most, and neither will work if I can’t do something as basic as opening a sigil and getting a real asnwer.

Maybe they’re actually doing that to see how you’ll react?

They’re… I’m not trying to be Mrs State-The-Bleeding-Obvious, but they’re WEIRD, all of them, whether classed as gods, angels, demons, tree sprites, the whole lot, they do weird stuff to see what you’ll do occasionally and that’s when you have to watch your ass.

Just my opinion & experience fwiw, I’ve had at least 3 major occasions it was like picking up the phone to a dead line, or walking out on the street and there’s NO-One… if it’s any consolation, all those times dating back to my youth preceded an epic phase of growth in abilities, so don’t give up. Sorry that’s not all that helpful.

Have you tried some divination on how to proceed in order to get the results you want?

My tarot readings have been muddles beyond all reason. Nothing but court cards and ultimately ruin, death, and the heirophant. It seems like I’m going SOMEWHERE but I have no idea where or what my part of doing it is. Maybe I need to just sit back and wait a few weeks. See if anything turns up. I’m running out tonight to grab a deck with the unicursal hexagram. Maybe that’ll confirm my feelings. We’ll see. In any case, I suppose I’m letting my frustration get the best of me. I’ll chill a bit and see if anything turns up.

Sounds like your human part (court cards) is getting in the way of your divine-interacting self, the heirophant?

Or, not, I’m no expert but it was always variations of that kind of thing with me, “that” world getting in the way.

You could try this - http://www.e-tarocchi.com/bof/ - maybe question 2, relating to the blocks you’re experiencing?

I have the actual book and advise you to do the lines as the page instructsm, that will give you the same method as the book (it’s not an algorhythmically generated answer unlike some online tarot)… it’s something I’ve had good results from, it’s slightly clearer than other forms of div. for some uses.