Un sort pour le sexe, c'est stupide... non?

A spell for sex is stupid … no? In fact, I wonder if Spirits or other entities do not care about us. They must laugh, a lot. Well, I tried and it worked more or less. To see if … In fact it was enough to decorate my life, by pure selfishness. But that’s the problem. Over time, I have come to terms with how vain and useless it is and how (the eternal conquest of sex) only delays the inevitable encounter with my own chaos, my own nothingness, my own black mirror as well. he, amen. A fate for sex or to find love again and again … There is surely a way of seeing and feeling things. And an alternative way, subtle, peculiar to oneself. A mono-gion. Not a fucking religion with a fucking god with foolish prophets with their fucking asphyxiating rules. Well, power interests me by weakness and fear. Being attractive to the human race (female) is enough for me, even if I do not really need it. It’s a bit like a lifeline actually. Develop more Charisma for work … A spell I Dont Give A Shit should go …

Non c’est pas stupide. Mais c’est tout a fait le contraire.

This is deep. Just fuck better girls bro.


L’amour et l’attraction sont une grande magie. Telle est la vie dans le monde occulte.

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Spells are only meant to aid a shift in consciousness. It is the consciousness that is the true reality. If you have the consciousness of having anything you want, then you’ll see it soon. Spells are not stupid–they are terribly clever. It’s no more foolish than the so-called “basics” of dating, i.e. grooming, charm, game etc.: all of that will fail without the consciousness of success holding it up. The thing is that those spells of grooming, manners etc. sometimes help shift into a general or specific internal state of success and then it helps.

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J’aimerai bien un sort comme ça !


Je pratique mon français à l’aide du traducteur Google. Les sorts ne sont pas stupides: ils sont en réalité très très intelligents. Les moeurs sont des rituels. Le toilettage et l’hygiène sont des rituels. Nous savons également que les bonnes manières, le toilettage et l’éloquence ne garantissent pas des résultats.Le vrai pouvoir est la conscience: votre état d’esprit. Si vous avez un état d’esprit de réussite parfait, vous réussirez sûrement. Les sorts sont très intelligents pour changer votre état d’esprit.


Nous tous aussi!

pkoi ?

comme dit si bien Baudelaire

Ô toison, moutonnant jusque sur l’encolure!
Ô boucles! Ô parfum chargé de nonchaloir!
Extase! Pour peupler ce soir l’alcôve obscure
Des souvenirs dormant dans cette chevelure,
Je la veux agiter dans l’air comme un mouchoir!
La langoureuse Asie et la brûlante Afrique,
Tout un monde lointain, absent, presque défunt,
Vit dans tes profondeurs, forêt aromatique!
Comme d’autres esprits voguent sur la musique,
Le mien, ô mon amour! nage sur ton parfum.

non , a mon avis , pas du tout :slight_smile:


Aaah Baudelaire :black_heart:
“Hippolyte, cher coeur, que dis-tu de ces choses ?
Comprends-tu maintenant qu’il ne faut pas offrir
L’holocauste sacré de tes premières roses
Aux souffles violents qui pourraient les flétrir ?”
_Les femmes damnées.

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Forcing a person by the magic to have his ass … It’s zero. I think she will find you just as attractive as a prostitute who would have been paid to have sex … On the other hand, used magic to become more attractive by being more sociable, more charismatic, by developing her innate skills or by acquiring them, I find it personally healthier. And also make rituals to have the love of a person, for the return of his ex … but what can i say ??? Doing rituals to learn faster, for a direction at events, to get rid of an enemy, this is not futile in my opinion. The entities must laugh with our ridiculous and futile requests. Strive for excellence rather than ridicule.

Baudelaire parle de désir ou de soumettre une personne contre son gré?

Je préfère les chants de Maldoror ; )

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De désir; mais on discute les sorts pour le sexe deja; pkoi pas. :slight_smile:

(nb : je dois continuer en anglais - lingua franca de BALG as in line with @Lady_Eva recent post, about use of different languages - on lounge . So dude abides :slight_smile:

I see your point. Use of magick to get more sex is quite OK to me. However what you have recently described (Forcing a person by the magic to have his ass ) is binding -aand generally it’s based on obsession and this not my game. I do not force any specific person to do anything in love matters but yes I may get help to have more sex and that’s quite OK to me, why not ?


That is thruth … Evil and dont matter to me but i am not stupid. Obsession is not liberty but a prison for me, for everyoneé