Umm, go off 13lueGemini!?

if you are feeling depressed or don’t want to do anything, its because you are BLOCKED, you must OPEN up and RELEASE

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I charged my ring with belials sigil on it, for the first time in a long time, and the second i put it on i could feel energy well up and rush into my arm. slowly creeping up into my chest, its kind of crazy like im wearing a gauntlet.

on the astral it looks like the most beautiful ring in existence obsidian black and gold, and the second i put it on I wear belials armor, its nuts. i can feel him and feel strong and powerful, i wont forget this feeling. my hearts fluttering too, insane

i know why i always get attacked in my dreams, something always goes wrong, and i can’t help it. I always lose, but i keep fighting, even when im not fully aware, fully lucid. I embarrassed myself in front of people who wanted to meet me, i was disrespectful, i don’t even know what the fuck i said or did to make it seem disrespectful to them, but i recieved gnosis that i did.

this is all because of my SHADOW. i thought i could live life without ever doing shadow work, man was i wrong. now i know why my succubus does what she does to me, ill fully accept her challenges from now on and WILL CONQUER THE ASTRAL AND MY DREAM WORLD.

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neurotransmitters are keys to the astral body

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my bars goin nuts, everybody is fucking with me

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if you’re ever feeling down just RAGE

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That’s extremely true

man coffee really dulled tf outta my dreams, had an hour long dream 2 days ago

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moonlight energy makes you last longer on the astral plane

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Vine is a dope ass demon


I’m here with Belial right now and something important came to mind that i wanted to share with all of you, this isn’t a twitter shitpost, but something very astounding once you understand.

if you want to feel, feel demons and their energies, forget yourself. ever try that? like seriously, to the point where you don’t even know where you are and what you are. in that moment, if you understand what im getting at, you’ll feel “something” but in order to feel you have to go to “another place” while remaining where you are

(insert blank space) YO IM IN GO MODE

So, “NO-mind”? [emptiness]