Ultra Coal Formation For A Superior Incense Smoke Screen


If you’re like me at all, I have a tough time getting the coals to do what I want. I’ll have a nice red-hot coal, throw a little too much incense on it and completely drown it.

For a while I was lighting two or three coals, tilting one up the side of the other or placing all three in a triangle, hoping to get a good screen of incense smoke with only mild success. Once I tried breaking a coal in half (knowing it would go twice as fast) and set the two sides close to each other to get a nice oven effect going. That was also just mildly successful.

I was watching a Poke Runyon video the other day where he revealed a wax “table” he puts his incense under for their invocations. This dispersed the smoke nicely. Something about his setup, however, got just the right juices flowing.

At first I thought I would break three coals in half, and place them in a flower pattern with half-moons spooning the one in front of it with all of their points converging in the center. I eventually decided against this as that it just didn’t feel quite right.

Something about Poke’s video … the table of wax … the way it looked …

Then it hit me. Holy shit, the perfect coal setup. For my evocation, I pulled out two coals. I broke one into four equal quarters and left the other one whole. Already see the table here? heh

I placed the four quarters on the top of the ash in my incense bowl. I didn’t put the coal totally back together, but left about a centimeter / centimeter and a half between them so I had a nice circle with a vivid cross separating the four quarters. I lit each quarter then lit the whole coal and set it on top. A little coal table with four little coal legs. Freakin’ cutest coals you’ll ever see! I was hoping a little devil would sit at the little infernal table with his morning paper and coffee - but nothing happened :frowning:

Anyway. Amazing setup. The “crossed” spaces underneath the coal table made for excellent breathing and an insane cultivation of heat. Once the whole thing was going, it went the entire time. I was pouring MOUNDS of incense on top of it. I couldn’t have drowned it if I tried. It was so extremely hot and effective, I had a literal blanket of smoke billowing up in uncanny plumes of rolling incense vapors. Yeah, it was eating through the incense faster than usual, but it was giving me the medium I needed to get into a good vision state with the smoke.

Usually, when I have little wisps and swirls, they get distracting and annoying. With this “coal table” I was getting a constant living, breathing, screen to project into. It was beautiful I tell ya!

Oddly enough, the four quarter coals at the bottom were STILL burning red hot and holding the table up after nearly 30 minutes of good, solid, evocation visions.

I just had to share this with everybody. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had similar frustrations with trying to get your plume of smoke just right. But to be fair - and to give a little warning - this makes TONS of smoke. If that’s not how you like it, then you probably don’t want to try this. But for me, TONS is what I need.

Well, I’m off to bed. Have a great night/morning :slight_smile:

~ Namaste ~


i’ve certainly had my trial and error and a few ‘fuck this stupid coal’ moments. (yes, i said the F word)

anyway, for those who aren’t familiar with disk coals, use the method he posted. it’ll save you some time and frustration.


Thanks for sharing that, I’ve had my coal frustrations too.