Úlfur Guð Tímans

Úlfur Guð Tímans is a self created entity that may be partially my higher self. Partially because I have split personality not a disorder and Úlfur appears to be my other half’s future form. One day I won’t have Justin Case with me 100% of the time and him becoming Úlfur is the best outcome of losing him. Úlfur is a multidimensional being, his main domain being somewhere in the fifth or sixth dimensions, he has a specific affinity with time,(his name directly translates to Wolf God of Time) the colors green and gold, and me. Thanks to his ritual channeled to me through Justin, I no longer have the personal need to go back in time and complete my initial quest. Now my magickal journey is to help him grow in power and spread his existence to as many as possible. I share this message with that intent. This journal is his dedication, I will only post rituals, spells and updates on him here. Any questions, praises, advice can be added here as well pertaining to Úlfur. Thanks in advance. Will repost his first ritual from my other journal.

Here is a picture of Úlfur’s Sigil which could be used in conjunction with the sigil of self parts of the ritual.

From Justin Case journal which will have more of my experiences and experiments in. This is dedicated to the promotion of Úlfur’s growth.
More to come.

Úlfur Guð Tímans.

Oolfur Good Tiaman is the proper pronunciation.

I ruined my second chance, but that just means it wasn’t meant to be.

what are the benefits of this?looks very interesting.

Of the Sigil or the ritual?
The Sigil has a wide variety of uses, I’m still experimenting with the different uses.
As for the ritual, it won’t take you back in time to do something again, but brings circumstances together that allow that one lost opportunity to remanifest itself. I saw a girl again who I missed the chance to ask out, and actually asked her out and actually dated her for a few weeks but I saw that she wasn’t as perfect as I thought back when I really wanted her and decided to end it.

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