UK Magicians TAKE NOTE!

Soon ALL esoteric/occult websites and web forums may be banned in the blanket filter system that David Cameron is planning to implement.

See full story here:

If this happens, I’m leaving the country, seriously. What a fucking joke.

PS. Even if you opt-in to get past the filter, they may still be banned as they are classed as “Alternative Beliefs”.

Ouch, get ready for the Inquisition boys and girls. (for girls only, sorry) who wantsa ride my broom to runaway before we get burneddddd?

You could throw Mr. Cameron into a harbor. We in the U.S. did something similar with tea in the 1700’s. Ahhhhh history.

Seriously though, that is fucked up. Hope to still see you two on here.

We can all understand why the government, and parents all over the world, would want to block content that degrades both men and women, and causes hatred in any way - websites such as pornographic websites, or zealous religious bigotry

No we all fucking can’t. I can’t believe these fuckwits still have the mentality that it’s okay to trample someone else’s freedom as long as the people you oppress are socially unpopular amongst two-faced bourgeois psychopaths who want to look “genteel” and “respectable” to their equally two-faced peers. Come on, England. You’ve been falling for the same bullshit for a millennium now.

This isn’t surprising, and judging from the on-line petition I do hope people are not believing that will make any difference. Here in the states Americans love to be slaves. Video cameras taping and shooting images all over metropolitan cities,police officers taking liberties and abusing citizen rights,citizens not having real knowledge of the constitution, and all the while everyone is being subjected to “eye candy” as much as possible. Amerikas new slogan is “keep your cellphone on at all times and stare at it, do not deviate, conform or be exposed”. Buy that new Samsung 78" HD screen. Place it on the wall and watch the new gods perform feats of inane stupidity. Make sure you are like all the rest of them. Follow the robotic body language with an air of indifference and Apathy. Keep texting and downloading the apps. Buy iPhone, or just buy…if gas prices rise to 25.00 a gallon, thats ok as long as I keep experiencing my false sense of freedom as i drive my car, at least for a few hours. Distraction is the norm.

Is it any wonder that any kind of magickal practice is considered blasphemy?. Our government is riddled with occult symbolism. They want to keep the forbidden keys away for themselves.

I may be ranting but consider this; Here in Miami FL, the municipal government has decided to shut down more and more public libraries. No one is complaining. No one cares as long as my cellphone is working and my 1987 Toyota is gassed up im good just give me a little bit of freedom. I will remain illiterate and conform.

At some point in the future, the US government will be knocking down doors like a Nicaraguan death squad ready to take away your property and possessions.

Living in London during the late 80’s, I enjoyed living in a small neighborhood called Willesden Green, by Oldfield road. I worked in two jobs at the loading docks by the freezing Thames river. Back then whenever I was inside the tube there would be sign posts proclaiming " watch for unattended parcels". The paranoia was intense. I would scan people on the train, brown bags,etc…it was a sign of the times…to come.

Reading Fahrenheit 451 from Bradbury this summer makes more sense now than back when I discovered this gem of a book.

If you come to new Amerika make sure you bring your cellphone with you, keep the bright glassy light on at all times, hold it near you, cradled it like a newborn. Stay in cue and do not deviate from the line. welcome to your worst nightmare.

Considering the US and the UK have such a close relationship, I can’t help wondering how long it will be before this is implemented in America as well.

Question to Timothy if he’s seen this; How would you react if BALG was banned from UK ISP’s? What if it was eventually banned in the US as well? Is there anything we could do?

[quote=“Seeker, post:7, topic:1545”]Considering the US and the UK have such a close relationship, I can’t help wondering how long it will be before this is implemented in America as well.

Question to Timothy if he’s seen this; How would you react if BALG was banned from UK ISP’s? What if it was eventually banned in the US as well? Is there anything we could do?[/quote]

If that was the case, I suppose that we would have to commune with one another via IRC, e-mail and phone. I’m sure he’ll be fucking damned if he’ll let this community die because of these conservative arseholes.

It’s fucked. They look down regular wholesome porn and occultism, but half of these cunts are pedophiles.

They’ve started closing the circle, this is gonna be historical

True that. We live in iteresting times.

‘For the children’ my ass. It’s just another move to limit the flow of information now that 90% of people have 0% of trust in the mainstream media.

They are going after alternative media, conspiracy, and ‘esoteric’ sites. Of course the ‘Inquisition’ is on. I’ve been researching the New World Order for years, which is what ultimately led me here.

Who do you think runs the world? Rome & their Knights of Malta/Knights Templar bankers out of the Sovereign City of London. Hell all of the judges wear the black Roman robes of a priest of Saturn, and I didn’t even need magick to figure that one out! The UK Queenie isn’t even a true Sovereign Queen for God’s sake. The British haven’t had a true Sovereign ruler since 1215 and King John, when Rome basically dethroned him.

The pope recently made a huge stink about Gnosticism being on the rise again as well, so of course they will be targetting people seeking alternatives to their bullshit religion. Now that the Nag Hamatti Scriptures have been uncovered and people are figuring out that Roman Christianity is a plagiarism. I should know, I was raised in their system, and it took me a while to find the truth, but I got here.

Anyway, to get around it for now use a VPN or TOR, or both.

I can recommend to you. I pay only $6 a month for an encrypted connection and dynamic IP.

GhostVPN is also pretty good.

Good luck.

[quote=“Seeker, post:7, topic:1545”]Considering the US and the UK have such a close relationship, I can’t help wondering how long it will be before this is implemented in America as well.

Question to Timothy if he’s seen this; How would you react if BALG was banned from UK ISP’s? What if it was eventually banned in the US as well? Is there anything we could do?[/quote]

We could always go underground and take it to the TOR net. Ton’s of .onion sites on the deepweb that are ‘banned’ from clearnet :slight_smile:

I’ve never set up a .onion site myself, but from what I’ve been reading it’s relatively easy. You can still use standard web hosting, etc.

I’m sure Timothy knows about this stuff, I wouldn’t worry.

Strange though,… Not so long ago the UK recognised Druidry as an official religion, and now this?

Hey Bran :slight_smile: Its not so much that they will be attacking religions. Religions are fine, they keep the sheep in their place. What they obviously do not like is ANY individual or new way of thinking, hence the term “Alternative Beliefs”.

Alternative to the mainstream and therefore dangerous to them. I remember someone once saying on here that one day we would have to fight to survive, as practitioners of magick would be shunned or something along those lines. I guess it has begun.

Just a thought- depending upon the “Blocking” method- changing URL to IP (via ping cmd) then IP to decimal through telnet coding, but on this site: produced the below for ex

HTTP://3103959067/forum (ie that’s BALG) without the /forum added on end

-just pulled that up, I don’t know the details- was from a while back,

also there is something about alt DNS (name proxies or such)- I saw some note about adding a secondary (thus tries system first, but if it doesn’t find it, auto looks via second configd so after setup on computer it runs in the background… ex used when it isn’t “blocked” so much but the IP DNS is pulled from internet routers (like countries are doing for “Wikileaks” -thus darkweb pages, vs “repostings” of .org or on blogsites). There was some method I read quick a while back… ( which relates to refs above by Gnosis I think )

I looked real quick, but I don’t recall how that was done, or name-term for that to find it… (great to have webpages to query and search a few terms on rapidly, can oft pull up things or comments or such- vs manually) anyway,

Dis-fucking-gusting! (pardon my fucking mother-fucking language mother-fuckers)

This just reinforces why I secretly desire to destroy the current restrictive norms of “modern” society and ALL the people involved. I’d rather go back to the “old” ways where we lived in more of a tribal society closer to nature, closer to family & elders, respect and veneration of Magick and the Gods whilst I sit in the circle of Great Shamans and Demonic Priests learning/performing for my people, covered in some herbal priestly war paint waiving a knuckle bone of one of our tribes fallen enemies.

…whew…OK…I’m back…had to vent a little.

You know,

The powers that be are extremely unintelligent. They (our leaders…as I vomit…) are dealing with societies fringe i.e., The Black Magician/Seeker. Hmmmm…ALL of US vs. these idiots in ONE Black Magick Ritual of the most extreme nature…I doubt they stand a chance.

IMHO forum members the only people that have the power to seriously do anything about this situation or ones like this is us.

We have some of the most powerful people in the world on this forum, all the books, video courses…maybe we just need a co-ordinated push like RedCircle does for the “Friends With Benefits” thread.

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The population will allow this to happen, this is small potatoes compared to the massive scandals that get brought to public attention that fade as quickly as they were exposed. This is the next logical step in stopping information they don’t want available from being spread. The Internet was the last safe haven for independent news, unbiased facts and whistle lowing of those who seek to contain power.

I don’t think the powers that be are as unintelligent as the puppets they use to portray them would like us to believe. It’s impossible to be as stupid as they appear and intentionally run things as badly as they appear on the surface. There is an agenda that we are unaware of, most conspiracy theories just blindly follow the crumbs they blatantly leave for them to find. Do you really think an organization that has the massive amounts of power that these theorist propose they do would allow any information that could compromise their position to ever be exposed? Guys like David Icke and Alex Jones and others are doing their part to strengthen their grip on society, they play on the fears and paranoia, they target the preppers, the militia, the new age white lighters, and the hardcore Christians. Everything is the devil, its all doom and gloom, all they’re doing is further instilling in people’s minds that hey are powerless and that things will only get worse.

They do nothing to empower people and make them feel that they can take control. Living in the fucking woods playing out some Rambo jerkoff fantasy is not going to make things better. Stockpiling food, water, guns and ammo will not make you safe. It only means your running from the problem instead of ignoring it like the rest.

If you want change stand the fuck up, take responsibility for your life and then hold the people accountable that you elect to make decisions for you. Bitching on your couch does nothing, you have to go out and make these things public knowledge and join other like minded people in a movement to get things done. Don’t seek media coverage, it won’t happen. Start locally and and try to spread your message.

Can’t argue with any of that my friend, and that is why the majority of human race will remain as slaves. If they didn’t watch it on the news or see it on CNN, it didn’t happen, or if their fucking pastor didn’t tell them what to think that week, they would have an aneurism. If they missed the basketball game, God forbid, how will I make it through the week?

Of course they put a few people like Alex Jones out to make you feel even shittier about the situation, while offering no solutions. David Icke at least tries to be positive IMO, we can disagree on that one.

Anyway, I’ve never taken a thing these people say at face value. I research the law & congressional records for myself. You wanna talk treason? That’s all this is, and it’s no ‘theory’.

In America or the UK there is zero representation at the federal or even State level at anything above your local city council, you wanna know why? Because the US is actually a corporation. That’s right, our government was destroyed after the civil war and they’ve been lying to us since. Think about it, how could the ‘Union’ exist when states seceded and voided the contract? Simple answer: It didn’t. So what did they do? Turned it into a business.

It’s a corporation owned out of the Sovereign City of London & the Vatican. You know that ‘Birth Certificate’ your parents were told to sign, yea, that’s actually worth alot of money and traded on the New York Stock Market by a company called DTCC. Who owns that? The primary share holders are the same dickfucks that own the Federal Reserve bank. It trades 1.4 QUADRILLION dollars a year. The biggest company to ever exist, yet has anyone ever heard about it? Of course not, they keep it hidden and out of their media. They have this same system in place in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and a few other’s.

Are these asswipes all powerful? Of course not, they are a bunch of little kids playing for power. The same as every fucking tyrant the world has ever known has been. Look behind the curtain, and you see a shriveled up old man that shits on the bowl & his hemorrhoids burn him at night.

You are ABSOLUTELY correct though, until people simply STOP PARTICIPATING in their ‘system’ and GIVING their fucking power away to these ASSHOLES, then we lose.

Stop participating, period. Don’t give them any legitimacy, and they go away like pimples on your ass that you will forget were ever there in a few years.

Stop using their fake fiat money, renounce your ‘citizenship’ and look into the Sovereign movement. You know you can legally denounce citizenship right?

Use silver, barter, trade, etc…until small communities start taking their POWER back from these fucking people, it won’t happen.

We’ll see if the human race actually has the balls or intelligence to get it right for once in our history.

Anyway, sorry if I sound riled up, but thinking about how people let these clowns run over them makes me angry…

Time to do some scrying. :wink:

You make good points Gnosis, unfortunately most people don’t want to be uncomfortable or inconvienience themselves with the steps necessary to pull off what you speak about.

As far as Icke goes, yes he puts a positive spin about empowering ourselves I just mean he has shit for knowledge when it comes to the occult and assumes everything is the devil or evil.

Signed it Seeker…that was alarming to hear that news indeed!