...Uhhh...Clarity Required?

So, last night I had a dream. I won’t say much of it except I shot someone in the jawbone and they died.

I wake up in another dream, where someone I don’t know says: “Hey, Mort, come here!” Mort is not my name. My name/last name doesn’t even start with an M.

We talk about magic for a little while, the most interesting thing he asked being: “You still vibrate those words?” Which I thought was odd.

But then I woke up again, and guess what I hear?

My family talking about the same dead guy, the picture is exactly the same, to the point where the bullet hole of the believed suicide was in the exact same place. Estimated time of death? Four in the morning.

When I was asleep.

So… did I dream of someone dieing, or did I dream-kill someone? Thought I might throw that out there considering I wasn’t lucid in the dream.



Mort means dead in french


That’s… really odd, considering our conversation was about corpse raising.

depending of the context, I precise that “mort” means either “dead” or “death”

Hmmmm wonder if sev Freddy krugared that guy. I’ve gone into peoples dreams plentyof times but never really tried attacking them.

some people conect threw vibrations. the first dream could be you conecting to intence vibrations and at that time it was the guy that eather got shot or the killer. it is common best cases of these is when you have a song stuck in your head and during the day some one walks past you singing the same song also stuck in there haed. the second one might have been one of your familiars being called due to an emotion trigerd from the experiance of the first dream… just a thought

That’s an interesting thought, Deon. It sort of makes sense.

And defectron, I Freddy spirits, so why not people? lol

Mort means “dead” in Romanian as well.

Well, this is looking better and better, isn’t it?

All these derivatives come from Latin.

why would you do that ?

And this kind of ties in with the ‘not-quite-yourself’ astral experiences thing we’ve both mentioned, but in mine I would literally materialize a handgun (1911 since that’s what I’m most familiar with) and go about shooting random fucking people as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Not that that’s against my idea of “good and evil”, the thing that disturbed me was that the behavior wasn’t my conscious choice, it was a part of me or a part of another entity in my makeup that was calling the shots and I wasn’t in total control of myself.

I had no impression that the people I ‘shot’ were ‘dead for realzies’ (maybe woken abruptly and terrified if they weren’t astral target creations of mine - but again my instinct says they were actual people), but the other time I realized I had unwittingly taken on the shape of the creature that haunted me as a youngster, I was stricken by the conviction that in that dream I had really killed those people. Best case scenario, that entity had killed them and I just experienced it from the viewpoint of the involved.

Dude, other realities will fuck your mind when you try to figure out what the hell’s going on.

why would you do that ?[/quote]

Mostly I just go into my freinds dreams. Don’t really have a reason why besides its fun to do. Last time I went in there he had a dream about being in the office, he seemed kind of out of it so to get him to pay attention I set his desk on fire. The next day I called him up and asked him if he had any weird dreams about being in the office and he remembered it.

Aside from that as I mentioned I used to try to visit EA in his dreams back when I first got intot he occult because I wanted to talk tohim about some of the stuff he wrote. Turns out that was kind of a bad idea because EA didn’t want people showing up unannounced so I stopped doing that. I also tried visiting another book author in his dreams, Nick Redfern, he seemed kind of out of it though so I didn’t get alot of productivity from that.

Why dont you open a thread to “propose” to go in BALGers dreams ? Not all but some would accept and then you could train and dreamers could live this as an xp as well ?

Maybe a dumb idea, idk

[quote=“The Eye, post:14, topic:2861”]Why dont you open a thread to “propose” to go in BALGers dreams ? Not all but some would accept and then you could train and dreamers could live this as an xp as well ?

Maybe a dumb idea, idk[/quote]

That’s actually not a bad idea, might think about doing that.

Fhe familiar could have calledyou Mort not as a name but as a referral of some kind. not saying dead or death but bringer of death (Killer)

And he did it!

But deon, that would also make sense. Hell, this whole situation makes an eerie amount of sense and I have no idea why.