Ugandan juju curse

Hi. I have a friend who is having trouble. She is from Cairo. Her father is from Uganda, and her husband is Sudanese. Her husband had a really good job in Cairo. He is educated and was very successful, until he went against the government (don’t ask, I don’t know). When the family moved here to the U.S he can’t find a job. He has a taxi job, but he can’t find one he is qualified for. It never fails that he goes on many interviews, and by the third one, he has the same dream, and knows he won’t get the job.

This has been going on for some time. You could say it is just a mundane problem, but there is a pattern to it that just doesn’t feel right.

My friend knows who it must have been. Some woman from Uganda. The woman didn’t do it herself, but went to someone to curse him.

I have heard the word juju, but I think it is a general word for magic. Does anyone know about what exactly is practiced there, and how this curse may be lifted or broken? I figure a spirit must be involved.

I would like to know how it might have been done. Maybe with that knowledge it can be undone.

Is there a magic tradition that is good for undoing this type of thing?

Is there something safe and practical my friend could do to help ease her situation? Thanks in advance!

Well you said this person wen’t against the government in some way? Not sure about other countries but I know that here in the U.S. if you defy the government they can and WILL make it impossible for you to get future work. Even if you just break a minor law like a tagging a building with graffiti, going to jail can make it so that you may only be able to work as a taxi driver or fast food maker for the rest of your life.

So maybe his government pulled some strings to ruin his life for his defiance? Or if he was in jail for some reason that could be why he’s not getting a job. The U.S. highly frowns upon people that make mistakes that land them in jail or go against what the government wants, especially a foreignor that later immigrated over. What he did may not have been really bad because if it was they wouldn’t let him in the U.S. but they could still make it hard on him over here. So it’s possible this is not a curse and is a result of his own mistakes biting him in the ass.

What makes you assume it’s a curse besides the repeating pattern? Like I said above, people who defy the government could easily have the same repeating pattern of not finding a job because employers don’t trust them and are afraid to hire them, but is there any other reason to believe it’s a curse? Any enemies or family problems?

That’s what I heard. I didn’t pry because she was telling me something personal she can’t tell anyone else. He definitely pissed off someone important, and my friend knows who must have done it.

Yes he had enemies. I understand the mundane complications, but in such a place as Uganda, curses fly through the air every day. I doubt he did anything too radical.

I don’t think it was on a grand enough scale to warrant someone going to the trouble to make his life hell here. I don’t think he did anything against the law. He’s an educated professional man who takes good care of his family.

It must have been a difference in opinion or principles of some sort.
My friend is sensitive, and is no stranger to the supernatural, or the occult. I think she knows something is amiss.

I think “juju” is more associated with karma and goes with the law of attraction, like a blessing or curse of attraction. That implies, whatever the situation is (because it’s unclear), maybe he tends to confess himself attracting the less favourable situations. I’m not saying he is the wrong in whatever happened that it’s right for him to confess. There’s always many who will feel down, for some reason, even they know they did the right thing. This can even be confirmed by his dream as you have stated that draws him down and the idea of not getting the job. That mean to say, if he has a clean conscience then he maybe had given up himself that way for the spell to work on him.
that is, if the curse was directly put on him.

I have some other thing to say but maybe will just be a waste because who really can explain you how possibly the juju was used in that situation is your friend. And she came from the very place so maybe she knows the concept of juju well.

can you tell what’s her name? I have a feeling that somethin’s goin quite not right on earth. and how do you communicate, personnally or what? and can I know, when did they move in US?

Her name is Sara. We live in the same apartment complex, and our kids play together. I believe she came here at least five years ago. Her youngest son was born here.

I have no idea exactly what they practice in Uganda, or what type of magic they did, but it seems to be directly affecting him having any success like he did in Egypt. He is educated, has many years of experience (he’s got to be at least near fifty) and after all this time he should have found something.

I told her about a group that practices voodoo in Boston. She’s going to see if they can help. She’s tried everything else, but the problems follow them.

aaa, ok, alright, I thought something’s wrong. Have she not explained what’s in her mind? She came from same place so she might have enough knowledge about how they do the magick and how that operate.