I am really wondering what is going on in our country, no death case of covid 19, but we’re still in lock down for three months. Life is really getting so desperate. I know some people from the BLAG have ever heard about our country Uganda, it’s a very poor country and they like to beg money so much from outside countries. I guess there is no corona virus even in this country but they are just forging cases so that they will benefit money from donations. And they even got enough but we’re still in lock down. UN gave our country 500billion then CAF also gave them 1.7trillions. But they government has scammed this money with his committee, he promised to give people posho and beans. But afterwards he changed to give only people who live in the city just only 6kilos of posho and 3kilos of beans. Just imagine for three months. Some people even ate that posho for one week because they have a lot of children

So please anyone here I am tired of this country I want to leave after this covid 19 so please prepare a space for me I am truck driver as well as roller operator. I am ready to work and get money from outside countries, so anyone welcoming me I’ll be really grateful. For any work I am not even specific. I love you all. Just waiting for your tips and ideas


No one will welcome a random guy , say prayers to The Archangel Michael

Are you asking for magickal help? Or are you asking if someone will sponsor your potential visa?

Your thread is not really specific so I’m not sure what you are actually asking for assistance with.

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Friendly reminder that this is the “General Discussion” category, which means “Topics related to magick in general”. I do not see anything magick-related here. Maybe OP could give us an explanation of what he means by


because it sounds somewhat suspicious. If you’re looking for magickal help, please let us know.



sorry to read of your troubles @DCKnight , this forum has many members in African countries and I think the majority of members on here who are vocal, living in North America & Europe, fail to recognise this, and be considerate of the differences caused by currency rates and other things. Anyway.

I don’t think it’s likely someone will be willing to sponsor you to a different country, but there are bad people who try to prey upon those in need, so please be careful my friend, the corrupt in power and the corrupt who prey upon displaced and desperate people are as bad as each other.

But there may be routes to use magick to improve your immediate situation, please take a look through this thread to begin with:

If I can think of anything else that might help, I’ll post it.

But please, again, be very careful about using that money to pay traffickers, they are NOT good people:

PLEASE be careful! And this is also to any of our other African members trying to do magick to get out of your home country. I don’t claim to understand the difficulties people have, but I do know some very bad things are happening, and no-one in power (like WHO or the UN) seems to be stepping in to stop it.

(I’ll stop here, since there is a rule against politics, etc… :wink: )


Oh I am sorry my friends, I really wanted help with money to get out of this situation. But I was afraid to ask anyone of you directly. Because I heard for money to manifest you need to have pathways for that money to come along. But right now you know the situation, this lock down I am not working everything is closed.


This is usually true, however from my own experience last year, I know if you just do magick to the utmost of your ability, have blind faith that it can, and will, make opportunities appear.

I have experienced this on a big project I care about, I saw NO route to start really making my desires happen, it seemed impossible, but then I worked in faith and I got the most amazing lucky break that has given me that pathway for the magick to happen!


This shit made me sick, I don’t know really why white people hate blacks, imagine what happened to Floyd just of recent, he was murdered by cops on street. Someone kidney to be sold this is bad, so finally I think it’s not choice for me to leave my country, let me just hustle from here.


People always prey upon those who cannot defend themselves, sadly. I’d say more, but then I’d be breaking rules… :wink:

If you have any questions about the money magick stuff posted, we can help you troubleshoot those. :+1:


Problem is here my astral senses are not developed enough to see or hear spirits, I don’t know will this affect this results on this money spells you have posted or anything regardless to magick in general

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Not necessarily, the basic principle of magick is to take an internal wish and project that somehow so that reality delivers it.

Evocatioon, chatting with spirits, all these things are very good and important, but you CAN do magick without these is you commit to exerting your Will upon the wider world, and most importantly, do not let any perceived obstacles undermine your faith that this can work.


Any advice in how to develop faith? I’m kind of lacking in that area. Reaaaaaally lacking.


DESIRE. Think of the circumstance that cause you to want this change, fuel to the need, anger, hate, love, lust, whatever it is that makes you do the magick in the first place.

Feed that into the working so hard you can barely function afterwards (for a short time anyway :wink: ) and then let it go.

To some extent, “faith” is a loaded word, we use it for religions that have not really long-term delivered any personal help to us (though arguably Christianity is the ONLY reason anyone thinks slavery is innately bad, and from that shift in human consciousness have sprung a lot of things we take from granted).

It’s more like taking all external circumstances that seem to be against you getting your goal, and making the conscious choice that they count for nothing, in the face of your burning desire - for success, happiness, or justice and liberation, etc.

The more innately morally validated you feel (aka the more you see the obstaclaes against you as innately WRONG, bad, unworthy) the better you are likely to succeed, I think.

Faith, of the kind which self-identifies with the highest force in the universe, can and will move mountians, and the advantage of this (for thos who care) is that harmful backfiring is less likely if you’re coming from that place.

It will align you with other forces of the same kind and that can also help bring you those unseen opportunities. :+1:


NO problem, let me kick on with this working. Because life is really disappointing me every day.


Then let this be the dark time, which you are later able to see as a blessing in disguise.:+1:


I wish you best success.


I think I’ll try to write it! I mean, like a biography in a journal. I can get into this state fueled by emotions. I think I could go into detail, maybe a mini essay about:

then, from there, try to describe not how things changed, but how things are (will be?) once they change. That would be the preparation for the magick.

I think I can do this. Do you think is a good idea?

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Anything that you know will work and fuel that burning certainty is a good idea, and since we’re all motivated slightly differently, and have different ways of processing things (some people like visual stuff, others like sounds, touch, taste, etc) then use what has given you the best results, or which on an instinctive level you feel is going to be the best method to use.

The time to try new methods is in between these BIG workings that are for your major goals and dreams. For those, play to your strengths, cast your mind back on childhood successes, accidental things, even supersititions, and those silly ideas we have when young that some things are good omens, or bad news.

For example, one may learn about “Planetary days” and find that useful by using the Day most suitable for the magick, but if by the age of 10 you KNEW that Sunday was always your lucky day, and things seem to go better then, do your magick on a Sunday, or maybe use the planetary Hour of Sun and see if that extends the luck you have. This has real support within conventional magick, due to our astrological birth chart, and possibly also inherited spiritual allies and powers, from genetics, past-life inheritance, etc.

That’s about tapping into your personal river of power, the true magick, primal and before the written word, often indescribable: it’s the caveman writing his dreams of a good hunt on the walls, it’s the cat watching patiently for the mouse, seeing him appear… it’s creating the strongest possible world within your own mind, and that strength is what carries it out into the universe.

Where magick falls down is when one person shares their personal symbolism (which can be helpful, for sure) but then another magician turns that into circuit-breakers, like pass/fail points which, if not met, cause him to believe he has failed, and undermine his burning certainty that the magick will work. :thinking:

Wallace Wattles book The Science Of Getting Rich covers a lot of this information about the power of faith and certainty, and burning desire, there are many PDFs online because it’s out of copyright, I highly recommend reading it if you have time. :+1:

It’s Science of Mind stuff and not directly “magick” (in fact many of those authors rejected “the occult” and were Christians) but it has great power, because it amounts to becoming the co-creator of your own reality; aka, becoming the living god.

And back to what we know as magick, maybe the example of someone who always finds Sundays lucky was previously a high priest of a Solar diety? Things like that are why knowing your own currents matters MORE than a load of book stuff that just confuses and adds conditionality, and pass/fail cutouts that can sink you. Gut first; books are the accessories, not the main current.

Trust yourself, fuel the need, do what you feel is the right method, and let that burning desire bring the power through you. :+1:


Beautiful and accurate explanation. :relieved:


Always coming to the rescue!

I’ll read The science of getting rich and will take this advise to heart.

Thank you very much.