Ufo crashed in brazil last night

We need to make sure that this time these governments can’t cover it up. So annoyed everytime one crashes it always gets covered up

2020 and “ufo” images still remain grainy af o.o


Brazilians don’t use the latest iphones unfortunately. Would have been better if it crashed in the USA somewhere like Manhattan

Funny that other cell footage from Brazil is normal then.

An out of focus light is an out of focus light.
And a video that is a few seconds blurry beach ball and 2 minutes video game clip isn’t exactly awe inspiring.

Big nope, not good enough.


Exactly that… iPhones claim since forever to have a camera great for everything, and yet even years after that, we get quality of pre-smartphone phone cameras from year 2000 for everything related UFO :grimacing:

And even if a UFO crashed… “we need to make sure that government can’t cover it up…” … seriously, how you gonna do that? “We need to…”, ehm yeah, we surely will be able to. :roll_eyes:

Governments have always done what they wanted and always will… oops… let’s not go into politics I guess. :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Sounds like a load of fat shit

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This made me laugh way too loud.

@fizz it seems to me that the object looks more like one of those bowls dogs eat from. Only this one made noise when it turned over… perhaps the noise was overwhelming in the middle of the night?

I’m not making fun of the video… I really think I see the bowl… unharmed.

A crashed bowl would be more ‘crashed’…I guess.

Or perhaps my vision drastically changed to worse because of all this spiritual training… I do need to take more breaks and sleep longer.

I’m seeing a faded bright blue orb in the sky…

I’m sure Brazilians have better things to think about that some blurry lights.