U.S marine corps

I was hesitant to bring this topic up. Could magick and the metaphysics help me with this issue. Then i was watching a video of E.A where he mentioned how he spent time in the Marine Corps. Im hoping ill get lucky and he sees this thread.

I spent 2 months at bootcamp. Despite the obvious indoctrination it had. It taught me how far i could push myself. Unfortunately while in i was hit with a dumb alefation of sleep walking and was discharged.

The drill instructors taught me to push myself. I do admire the marine corps as a warrior culture and the warrior path is a path i want on. Im dishing out close to one thousand dollars for a sleep study but i fear a waiver would be scarcely rare and a low chance. Im looking to work with a diety or do a ritual that will put in motion what needs to be put in motion to get approved.

Anyone have advice for how to bring this to light?

King Paimon would be my point of call there. He specialises in manipulation of people’s minds to get you what you want/need. Call him up and ask what he can do to help you. You could also try Eshmak, a demon from the first KoF also specialising in mind control.

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