Types of Spirits in Konstantinos' book

I’m curious if anyone did the research about types of Spirits mentioned in the grimoire written by Konstantinos called “Summoning Spirits. The Art of magickal evocation”.

I don’t think they are infernal. Are they celestial? Or planetary intelligence? Or just elementals?

It’s funny that author says working with Infernals is dangerous, or it can have huge side effects. To be honest, I had a few times “strange” situations when working with Infernals like the disc came out by itself from player in my car and immediately came back again. Or few electronic devices around me started to work in funny way, not usual as always.
But I realised that there were signs that Entity I asked for help is around me and helps me with getting what I asked.
And few spirits that were, let’s just say, “good” like mentioned in NAP, I experienced few times loss of something or strange periods of negative feelings.

Getting to the point, I think “Not every Infernal is malevolent, and not every Celestial is friendly”, despite what main stream religions and beliefs are saying.

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Have you actually bothered to read the book? If you had, then you would know that the author tells you right in it what type of spirits are listed.

The book is based on the Golden Dawn system, so the spirits are categorized by which sphere on the Tree of Life they are found in.

There are the elemental kings, like Djinn and Ghob, and there are elemental angels like Seraph. There are angels assigned to the planetary spheres, like Metatron, and there are the Olympic spirits, like Phul and Och. Some of the Goetic spirits are listed as well, such as Seere, and Bael (no one refers to them as “Infernals.” That seems to be strictly a LHP thing).

There are also some spirits included, like Hiepacth, and Minoson, that have no correspondence or sphere.


This is true.


Very common my friend.

I agree strongly


When we did the MFWB in February my poor PC passed away… and I always secretly blamed the spirits involved in that job. I think I was right :imp:


What does MFWB stand for?

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Magical Friends With Benefits


I’m happy that you pointed this out, and that I’m not the only one who has observed this.

When I was transported to Bael’s palace via astral projection back in March, I observed that the landscape outside the windows was a desert with normal earthly skies. The architechture of the palace itself was very middle eastern, with limestone colored walls, marble floors, and Arabian style arches. It did not give me the impression of being Infernal at all. My takeaway is that Bael’s kingdom is probably in a realm of its own, or at least on one of the etheric or astral planes of Earth, as it did not give me the impression of having any association with the Infernal.

I think the Infernal is mainly a Lucifer/Lucifage/Paimon/Astaroth thing, and most of the 72 Goetic spirits, while being friends/allies with the Infernal and the heavens, have their own separate kingdoms. For example, I don’t see someone like Belial being a subordinate to Lucifer, or anyone for that matter. A lot of them just kinda do their own thing.

Some of the 72, by my knowledge, are human spirits, others are fallen angels, djinn, demons, possibly angels as well, and who knows what else. Spirits are spirits to me, with the main difference between them being in degrees of age and mental development, elemental composition, and in terms of ascension (the plane that they reside on) and so forth.


The goetia are very much infernal lol it wasn’t until later that all the goetia were labeled Djinn which is already known to be untrue and they were confused with the actual 72 Djinn who are completely different group.

To also note the astral is the plane of thought so your own ideals will imprint on your experiences there.

The infernal is an entire nation and the goetia are one generalized rank with sub ranks among the infernal

I never understood why people view the infernal as such a bad thing to where they’re like “you know what you’re not infernal anymore let me give you more or less than what you are”

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Also I’d like to note Lucifer was an Angel who fell so it is a bit of a weird note to only consider him infernal when 1/3 of the heavenly host followed him in the fall. You can’t pick and choose what you want to overwrite and what you want to keep, let alone based off an astral/mental experience. Also it wouldn’t be the infernal nation if it was simply composed of 4 entities and also Paimon was considered a Djinn once before and Astaroth was considered simply a male demon who was given a name with similar connotations to the Goddess Ishtar.


Dissolve your ego before you speak to me. Seek not to be rigid in mind like that of a stone, but formless and shapeless like water. Learn the importance of ojas; you create too much friction.

If ego is poking holes in your logic than no thank you. I’m sorry that you feel threatened by actual information over “because the astral told me so” but you’re not your experiences and I am speaking towards the misinformation regardless of how you feel.

Information is available to be challenged if you cannot accept that your words are challenged and by information in regards to how what you presented falls apart with that bit of information than it’s best that you make a journal where it’s against the rules to challenge the information a person speaks. Regardless of clear fallacy.

You say I create fiction when I literally repeated text where it states Lucifer fell and brought with him 1/3 of the angels of heavens, whereas you literally speak of astral experiences (let’s not forget the astral being the collective unconscious and a window to dream walking I.e a place of fiction of the mind) lol. Your argument fell apart when you ignored that fact and tried to say only Lucifer and a small few consists of the infernal when he had many followers in his lore than joined him.

And many of the goetia were considered in their lore to be princes of the infernal and beings who held the title “Satan” among various other titles, you feel attacked when someone presents research to you because very few people seem to challenge your information.

Maybe look into the 72 Djinn as a starting place.


@anon48079295 @Tigris
My intention was not to create a fight. I just wanted to know if someone has experience that can share.
For example, if Sartmulu or any other spirit is a planetary intelligence, which are his/her correspondence, like color or Planet/week day. Whatdoes he/she like for offering? Or if the Spirit is Celestial beeing, which Archangel is leading the sphere, it belongs to?

I don’t to judge anyone for his opinions, views or experiences. Im just willing to obtain the information.


Oh you’re fine, it’s no fight and nothing wrong with what you did lol

I like what DH Thorne said in a recent video. “When somebody tells me to work on my ego - I am reminded that it takes a lot of ego to tell somebody else to work on their ego.”
Some food for thought.


I look at it this way: lore is gnosis from one or multiple individuals that has been preserved within stories (with amusing additions to enrich the story, as it was a form of entertainment). I think it is respectful to know details of the story, but it is not necessary to accept or deny that gnosis. Only to note that it is what may have been experienced by others. I just take it as it is, much like differences of opinions made by the same spirit between multiple individuals today. I find that there may be nuggets of truth in the experiences, both the positive and negative.

Personally, while I seek to learn the lore of the spirits I choose to work with, the type only matters so much. I focus more on whether or not the being can actually help me with whatever task I have on hand. The stories may influence how I decide to approach the spirit, much like a person’s reputation would, but beyond that, it is a matter of experience and efficiency.

UPG is always fine and a step above UPG is SPG, but both shouldn’t remain as such when you can also confirm through research.

(Don’t mean to hijack this is my last response on this subject)



I’m here to talk to about and share experiences and views with others; not to engage in arguments. Notice how I chose to post in agreement with another person, sharing my experiences to back up what he said, rather than in disagreement with someone else over something that nobody has the full answers to. Never will you find me saying to another person “your understanding is wrong and your experiences never happened” as doing so goes against my view that the mind should not be rigid or set in stone, but ever changing, adapting to new information, and flowing like water.

I know to myself that what I experienced was real, as the sights, sounds, and feelings were far more vivid and real than waking consciousness. Others on this forum have talked to these spirits to verify my experiences, just as I have verified the experiences of others on this forum. There was never any need for any of us to argue or fight in the process. It’s pointless.

I like to stay on topic. I will refrain from arguing with you and reserve my further criticisms so as not to derail this thread.