Types of "Speech" EA refers to in his writings- thoughts upon, to systematize

A thought I had was to try and break out different types of “speech” EA refers to, in Workings of Magic, and in particular in Evocation-Contact… I wonder if any others might have thought upon these, or see other distinctions (espec not confusing diff types)- as I think this may make more clear some of the Steps listed in his works

First: regular speech, talking to (to distinguish from the following)

Second: A more formal Request (or Command, Task / Question of spirit) vs above

Third: Conjuration (with Authority of “omnipotence” and state spoken from) ie I call upon Parion Noble demon of recognition by the Power of Pendralion the Grand Spirit of the Second Kingdom of Flames, or I call upon (spirit name) by the Authority of “my name” (in accordance of EE etc.)
or the “incantation of the gate” from KoF grimmoire (first&third parts being a bit different from the second), likewise the OAA espec 3and4

Fourth: Incantation (although EA may use the terms in reverse order- I think this one works as something Chanted ie In-cant) the more “mantra-like” ie the Pact (AlAsh Tad…) or just “Sastan come, Sastan come…” (“gr and Mighty Power, D. King Be-Lial come… Gr & …” repeat…) so following after “3rd” and shorter than 3rd- further stepping into RaptureXrds

Fifth: what could be terms “inspired” speech (in Divination course this is closer to the Channeling, see-say, but also Questing A V & EE Abrahamelim “Confession” or summoning “the ministrying of angels” LDS Priesthood Melch. or the “devotional” part of the summoning of a God in EE & WoD
such that not thinking out words before saying (vs first 4 could be more think-say)

Sixth: An extention of fifth into more directly expressing, rather than saying “word-units” (even without prior-thought) the sounds themselves- thus “Glossalia” or speaking in tongues
which can be Eans or other tones spoken to create Enviro change,

(whether one is speaking clear “language” that one doesn’t know &/or slurring/blurring/blending, or actually not speaking “language” but just sound-Gibberish (in the alchemical-sense)

Seventh: “Speech of Angels” as termed in QAV, and indirectly implied in a few other places (like in Div Course: the direct receiving of understanding, vs via symbol-reps: whether language nor sensory, but the Knowing itself)
(once one can do this 7th type of comm/thinking- go back and reinfuse into the prior- that sense of “intention” of what is being spoken/requested or Conjured/incanted… should be enhanced if coming-from this knowing-place vs indirectly “I Am Speaking these words… planned out…”


the communication above refers to sent or received, not just "verbal"
And if Spirits aren’t expected to “Speak” whatever one’s native-spoken language is, might one be “hearing”/under-standing in the same way that their appearance represents and Communicates certain aspects (per social-root matrix of cultural-context): as EA mentions a bit in Q after Vs (also Bk of AZAZEL).

Anyway- I hope this might help spark some further under-standing and affect

Pretty interesting breakdown. I think a little psychodrama definitely amps up the energy.

I’d be curious if anyone ever spoken in tongues and what their impression of that experience is.

Agreed, especially when an oration really resonates with you. It seems to change the atmosphere in the room and at least in my experience get the energy up to a level not normally achieved without it.

My grandmother is a devout Pentecostal and speaks in tongues often when praying over someone or partaking in spiritual events. I’ll ask her if she can elaborate on the feeling or sensations felt.