"Types" of energies and why I find it silly

I have explained this before to people, but I felt I should post a thread about it to make it more accessible.

I do a lot of energywork and direct magick in my practice, and I often see people talking about different “Types” of energies and how they “only work with this type” or “can’t use this type because silly reason X” or “drew too much energy Y when vamping”… This irritates me, because for all of what the “adept energy workers” say about energywork, very few of the people I have met understand the concept that I am about to explain, mainly because they are too caught up in their own little habits and don’t try learn new things.

All energy, regardless of ‘type’ or source, is the same at a fundamental level. I’ll explain using a silly metaphor. Energy is a Honda Civic, at it’s most basic, it’s the basic model, with a cheap radio, crank windows, no bells or whistles. Different energies are different versions of that Civic, the deluxe four door model with the sunroof and the leather upholstery, the sport coupe model with the up-tuned engine and two doors, the convertible with the spoiler… regardless of what version of the Civic you have, it is built on the same chassis.

I like to call these differences in ‘Civic models’ Inflections. With the right techniques, you can strip away any inflection and apply your own inflection, and it is actually incredibly easy to do.

This is why I don’t care for most forms of energywork that people talk about, and this is why I find it laughable when people are on about “certain specific types of energy” or somesuch nonsense.

A small caveat, - sometimes, it can be difficult to apply a new inflection to neutral energy if the inflection you are trying to apply is something you aren’t very attuned to, so you could expect some slight variances in the energies if you don’t work with neutral energy. People are messy and random, not everyone is able to easily work with some energy inflections. I for one am relatively unskilled at replicating planetary energy inflections, even if I can get close enough for most uses.


I Agree with you.
It was a lovely read :smiley_cat:


Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing past the pointless noodling and dogma that energy workers often end up in.


Yeah, I find it absurd as well. A big thing many people miss on the topic of energies is that it is impossible to not be able to have access to certain types of energy, because every possible aspect of “source” energy already exists within us. But, I have also found that many people inadvertently LOVE to put limitations on themselves.

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For me working with energy its like cooking or chemistry. While the ingredients or chemical may be made of the same basic building blocks the arrangement leads to very different forms.

The same applies to the different forms of energies. In the case of elemental and planetary you go from one to the other to work with a more refined form of that energy that carries specific vibrations instead of having to balance out the qualities not wanted manually. Ive found it to be the same with the Sephiroth energies.

You get different blends that result in different manifestations.


Interesting post.

So… i could harvest power by anything?

Tomatos, rotten apples, shadows, poop, snowmen and chocolate cookies?


:joy: :laughing: technically speaking yes i guess, but there are better sources to draw energy from, dunno how the shadow one would go though. :thinking:


well… i imagined that those became fluid, and were flowing towards me…
~the fluid was then been vaporized in my hand…
and it turned black, and crawled into my body

yes you can :joy_cat:

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Is there a universal technique to harvest energy? …
~i wanna feed on some…dust-energy, water-energy, plastic-energy, cold-wind-energy… and of course (because its fucking hillarious) POOP-energy!!

Just imagine it:

you sit on the toilet, ready to unleash a fiery storm of doom, upon that white bowl,
and then the light flicker, and you feel yourself becoming a god of poop!

Or imagine, some homeless dude, who was starving and all, then you tell him about that little trick your leanred, and not much time later, you see him floating in the air, cause he was feeding on disgust energy, electricity, poop and filth :thinking:


Just reach out and drain.


“What is that new technique you are about to show me, master?”
“Its a fine, but lost piece of art… and i feel humbled to share it finally, with someone!”
“Oh master! What is it??”
“You shall learn… TO FEED ON POOP!”:poop:

Oh du große Scheiße XD

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Didn’t you just describe “certain specific types of energy” in your bottom paragraph, but by your own definitions? Sure, you don’t agree with others definition or explanation of energies and that’s totally fine, but not all work with - or deal with - energies on the same premises as every black magician out there. What you described is insertion and dissection of energies, not the specifics of energy types or it’s textures. That’s how I interpreted this.


You do want some discernment with what energies you take in cause it will have an effect. If that will alway be of benefit depends on the energy and how you use it.

A personal example of this is I have worked with ALOT of fire and Mars energies in and out ritual years ago to get my butt in gear but as a result i had to temper that with a counter balance of energies to develop control and regain my patience. Earth and saturn were the counter balance at the time.

Before i did this i would turn into a walking vial of nitroglycerin after rituals with these forces. A very productive and active force but extremely volitile when poked at.


I kind of like the car model because it shows how energy is not stagnant. Sure, fire energy is warm, and sure, you can use vampire magic to suck out life-force (blood energy), but you can convert different types of energy. Pure energy can become any type of energy, and any type of energy can convert into pure energy or directly into another type of energy. This is why you can use pain-causing devices for love spells and sex energy for death spells (especially in Chaos magic). Everything is energy and energy constantly evolves, moves and morphs. You can use certain energies for certain purposes if you want, but that’s limiting in many ways.


dark matter doesn’t …but its mass can be calculated by the surrounding light matter.
~in theory at least…if dark matter isn’t simply infinite potential, or something similar amazing

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I’m not the the physicist here. I would Google that for more info

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i recorded a bit of a discussion, which i heared on the radio