Types of Alcohol

Okay so say I wanted to add alcohol as an offering; what do demons like most? Like what does Belial and Mephistopheles like?

Belial has responded well to single malt scotch, but red wine is the traditional and likely most common offering

Cinnamon Moonshine. Many different demonic entities, including Lord Belial, seem to absolutely love it.

Interesting note. Also, note this was my experience. Your experience may vary. They wished to indulge in the alcohol through me. Now, this moonshine was no joke. A few nights before they asked for it, I had me a swig and it knocked me on my ass in a heartbeat. Couldn’t even walk.

Well, when I offered it to them through ritual… I wound up drinking over half the jar… I drank it like water… Interesting thing was, I wasn’t feeling the effects of the alcohol… It took 3 hours before I started to feel the effects, super delayed. Honestly, I shouldn’t have been able to walk. I went to bed and woke up normally. No grogginess, no hangover… To this day, I still can’t believe how much I drank. I honestly should have been in the hospital after that mega-dose.

So, just an interesting note!


AZAZEL likes fireball

Paimon seems to like wine

Okay so I now know wine is something everyone’s likes. I appreciate it everyone! Now does anyone know what Mephistopheles and Lucifuge Rofocale care for?

I got one i like drinking Molinari Sambucca extra 40% Alcohol, i found out Seed of Satan - aniseed Liquorice taste. Aniseed and its demon spawn Liquorice, Sambucca and Pernod. Sambucca and Pernod might be good 4 an offering to Satan.

A black slippery nipple might also be a offering to Lillith.:black_heart:

I offered banana liquor to Sallos and he accepted my request the next day.