Two reviews long past due

So i had a couple tarot reading from a couple members on this forum one in march by orisman, and one in april by Icarus.

orisman was right on all the way, From the beginning I could just feel that his reading was precise, and over the three month every pridiction came true. thanks orisman for the reading and sorry it took so long for a review long past due

now for icarus, i have to admit at first i thought he was full of shit, but i went and read his reading about a month ago, about a week before an hellish event took place in my life when i realised one of my good friends, happened to be my roommate wasn’t really a friend, but using me for his own gain and he pretty much pridictied it all, he said something about destroying my enemys and my power was split in five, which i finely was able to interpert as my buddy, his girlfriend, his mom. than another buddy of mine(i have known him even longer than roommate) acted like he had my back but in the end he went and told my former roommate all the stuff i confided in him, so realizing all four of these people were out for my destruction, i finely got all of my power back (my own work has improved greatly since i was able to realize this) thank you for the great readings and sorry for such a long wait on the reveiws!!