Two questions

Can spirits completely ignore you even though you performed the ritual correctly?

I imagine if someone was suppose to constantly summon a specify spirit then they’ll just stop responding. Kind of like if someone was to phone you all the time, to talk about crap you don’t wanna hear you’d just stop answering their phone calls.

Also how many times would you summon a spirit, every 6 months?

I don’t want to make any mistakes so i just wanted to read your thoughts on that

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Spirits can completely ignore you, but you’d probably have to give them a good reason to. Most seem pretty reasonable, unless they really don’t vibe with you.

You can summon a spirit much more then every 6 months. As long as your respectful, and not asking the same questions over and over/needing reassurance/etc, then I don’t see an issue.


Some say yes, but I disagree. When you command as the divine being you are, not as man but as God, they have no choice but to respond. That is the basis of ceremonial magick, and why demons who were reluctant to show themselves were threatened with punishment or tortured with abjurations and fire in the ancient grimoire traditions.

It depends on the context. In the Book of Azazel, for example, EA states that one of the requirements of his pact was to evoke Azazel every day for 90 days.

On the other hand, if you keep evoking Sitri because you want to know how much longer you have to wait before the girl/boy/anteater of your dreams drops to their knees before you ready to get you off, the demon might get a little pissed.


That’s awesome :sunglasses:

no one seems to bind spirits to things, why isnt that a common practice? if im going to need a spirit that often i tend to give them a home in a stone or a piece of wood ive carved just for them and “feed” it.

Yes they can completely ignore you. No matter who or what we think we are they are their own individuals too and don’t adhere to us. There are cases where you can call on a being using the name of their specific creator (if they have one such as infernal demons to Lucifer’s name) or Ma’atis to Ma’at’s name. Other than that they have no obligation to answer you as they have free will.

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This is a very common practice spirits frequently get stuck in metal objects like rings and such. This is why you always purify jewelry purchased second hand. This is also why many primers on astral projection tell you to take off metal jewelry before trying to project.
The method of binding is simple. In this way you can theoretically have your own djinn in a magick ring.