Two Questions from a Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and new to this type of magickal system (I’m a recovering Wiccan). I have two questions for all you master magicians out there (at this point anyone more experienced than me seems like a master). As I work through some of the exercises that EA suggested in his mastering divination course I have started to realize how often I get mental flashes of images and that I receive information instantly when I ask for it. This is not new for me, this has always been my experience but I chalked it up to imagination (I have a VERY active and visual imagination) so dismissed my impressions and waited for the real answers which never came. This happens to me outside of theta/gamma sync (which I am still struggling with, by the way). So, my first question is, how do I know when I am receiving real magickal/psychic information and how do I know when I am just imagining something? I must say that I dismiss some of my impressions, especially ones I see in my minds eye, because they are somewhat disturbing. For example, as of late, I have been imagining (or what I’m calling imagining) hands coming out from under my bed to grab my feet when I put them down on the floor. I also keep seeing in my mind’s eye some kind of scary looking entity that chases me up the stairs in my house. Perhaps it’s easier for me to believe I am just imagining things than to face that there are entities in my house? I swear that I do not have a mental illness and am perfectly sane (for the most part :slight_smile: Any assistance on sussing out what’s what would be immensely helpful! Thank you!

 My next question has to do with the connection between magickal ability and physiology. I've been doing a lot of reading and have learned that the pituitary gland is connected to the third eye and magickal ability. My pituitary gland does not work (and has never worked) due to a condition I was born with. Does anyone know whether this might cause a problem with developing magickal skills/ abilities? Thanks again!


It sounds like you are on the right track. Spirits constantly interact with your active imagination communicating with you in images and feelings. Start to trust your natural flow, when you first get the impression writ it down and test it against actual reality. Or better yet, imagine it, then force reality to bend to your will. Over time you’ll refine your skill. As far as the pituitary gland affecting your magick? Yeah it’s probably what causes your imagination to be so vivid and active. Ultimately this is a blessing as visualization is key to magickal operations. As long as you have the ability to visualize and eventually see spirits plus a strong will and sharp intellect I do not forsee a reason you couldn’t master this system of magick. Anyway, welcome to the forum and good luck with your magickal endevours.


Keep confident, and you will grow in yours abilities regardless of physical ailments. Remember, it’s not the physical that really dictates development. It begins on the energetic and spiritual levels first and filters down. Read about Robert Bruce’s work on astral projection and those who were blind. Adapt and overcome is a motto of evolution.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input!

So you are having maybe even too active imagination like i do, except mine is worse hands coming from under my bed occasionally would be considered normal when compared to what i imagine 24/7 even if i don’t mean to :smiley: - except its not funny. I don’t swear that i was not mentally ill, its all about what you classify as mental illness.

I know that my imagination is imagination, because i create the scenes playing in my mind - even if i don’t so intentionally do it. Hard to explain, overactive thought process… Even music plays in my head all the time, not like i was hearing voices - but you know. I probably have something similar to ADD.

This was just some sort of confused thoughts by me, but we could have something alike. Even if i feel that my mind is more chaos, and your is calmer… I’m not sure did i get it right?

Black Flame, I really appreciated your post. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one that has this experience. It sounds like you and I are very alike with our overactive imaginations. For me the images don’t have anything to do with thoughts, the images just pop into my head unbidden. I suppose this is good as so much of magick has to do with utilizing the active imagination but what makes it hard is that I have a hard time determining something I have received in my imagination as a psychic impression versus something I have created. The examples I gave above of the hands under the bed and the entity on the stairs are examples of when I instantly just see something in my mind. In addition, like you Black Flame, I can create entire scenes in my mind populated with people and places that can last for a long time, however I know that that’s something I am actively creating. Also, when I visualize I can see the object in my mind in three dimensions, and taste it and smell it very clearly.

So, since my “normal” imagination is so strong I dismiss any magickal impressions I receive because I just think that it’s my (mundane) imagination at work.

Zecharyah, thanks for your input regarding the pituitary. I never considered that having a non-functional pituitary could be what causes my very active imagination, I always just assumed that it would cause a block. This was a very useful reframe for me, thanks so much.

Anyone have any input as to how to determine what comes from my mundane imagination and what comes from my magickal imagination? I have to wonder what EA might say about this. :wink: