Two Plains of Awareness Simultaneously

Sometimes it seems as if I’m experiencing a dimension where I’m awake and in the mundane, but there’s a spiritual or secondary plain of existence that’s been incorporated into my reality that only I can see. No one around me see what I see, hears the spirits I hear/see, or knows what I’m referring to when I see something that they don’t. It’s the strangest thing. Then someone recently said maybe I was astral projecting while awake. I was thinking more like it was an open third eye or some other phenomenon I wasn’t aware of.


Having open senses, it’s a good sign. :+1:


For me it is being in the nature of “now”

In this i mean when my awareness is rooted in “day to day” life it is as if conscious awareness moves through time.

While in deep mediation or ritual it is as if conscious awareness expands as it bridges and blends with the unconscious mind giving the perspective of time moving around me allowing conscious awareness to perceive energies and entities that exist in a way in all times and all places.

Over time this perspective of the flow of time begins to bleed into the “mundane” part of life. The result is conscious encounters during the day with energies and entities that may otherwise go unnoticed and bleed through later.

In this way ones life becomes more “magickal” and ones magick becomes more grounded in the world.


Lady_Eva, I wish I could say it’s always good, but sometimes it comes as a verbal or abusive attack. The last one occurred a few nights ago at my shop where I was with my boyfriend and a client. After shop hours, we dimmed lights and played some music to invite folks in for an after hours open house/Open Mic. I seriously was ready to call police because what I heard was a physical threat to me and my boyfriend. Someone looking in from outside off the street was looking in and saying this. However, neither my boyfriend or the client heard or saw anything.

I thought I was high or crazy for a moment, realizing I wasn’t, then the client was the one who spoke up and said it’s possible for people to astral project while they’re lucid or awake. It seemed to be a missing link to my experience. Why negative and angry and threatening I don’t understand.


But would you rather not know that someone was having those thoughts about you?