Two Interlocking Rings Pattern

So earlier today, I was driving my rental car. The front window started to fog like crazy, and I saw this series of interlocking rings on it. I thought it might have been the result of stickers because it was new, but I had seen the car fog before and it never did that. I had to pull over to do something (unrelated to the fogging) and when I looked at the windshield again, it was completely clear.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of it (which I’ll try to do next time if it happens), but I managed to replicate it on paint:

The forums didn’t have any info, and the closest symbols I could find were the Celtic knots and sun disks.

Does anyone know what these are? And what they mean? And who/what could have put them there?

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Vesica pisces all over the place
I would explain this figure with a landscape
For example if you want to paint a landscape you need to have some existance of colors for example green for a hill and some inexistant colors for example not red or black on the hill
If nothing exists you have a white canvas
If everything exists at the same time you have a very dark canvas with no shape distinction anyway
So the circles on the vesica pisces represent so to speak the absolute existance and the absolute inexistance in between them the whole universe creation etc and all of its posibillities.


Sacred geometry maybe? I can’t really think of anything else it would correlate with spiritually.

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So it represents oneness then? Or balance?

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I think you can better describe it as representative of unlimited potential or just potential

For example in gothic architecture the ogive arches were constructed by using this figure
using the upper half of the vesica pisces and grounding the other half in a square or rectangle, not only to point up “to God” but insinuating that God (the upper side) was omnipotent and could do anything while men (the part grounding to the floor) was limited (as it was the kind of thought of the middle ages).

so potential would be a better way of describing it

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