Two Free Dragon Tarot Readings [2/2] closed

So I’ll be pulling three cards for two people and trying to interpret them for you to the best of my ability as I’ve never interpreted so it’ll be a bit new for me. I need the practice. Any questions will be accepted but please be specific. You can PM me of need be

Please do not shoot the messenger but feedback would be beneficial


Is necromancy correct for me or is another path my calling?

Thank you btw.

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When will I get a job? if you still are giving out a reading

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id like 1

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Sure why not three

thanks, can i pm you the question?

Strength Reversed ◇ Strength, patience, and restraint will be needed to overcome any obstacles and failure. While some things may seem futile, take a step back to gather yourself and look at the bigger picture

King of Pentacles Reversed ◇ Seemingly insensitive or callous. Obtaining his or her desire by any means necessary

Queen of Cups Reversed ◇ Selfishness be on the horizon as well. Leeching resources from anywhere possible.

From what I feel for this, I think that maybe you should take a step back and consider your true intentions for going into necromancy, before you jump in too quickly then get blindsided



Interesting. The reason I want to get into necromancy is to understand death to somehow evade death. I want to be immortal in some form. This was insightful.

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Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback

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King of Pentacles Upright ◇ Determination and a will for hard work and reliability

Nine of Wands Reversed ◇ You’ll want to be patient and a bit flexible. While at first the initial job or situation you’ll find to be taxing but using your wits and resources you can flip the situation to your advantage. Be patient BUT don’t forfeit your health for rushed commitments that may not last in your favor

Death Reversed ◇ Beware of inertia and falling into bad/past habits.

Try not to rush into anything too quickly before pondering each options first. Measure your circumstances to the benefits of whatever job fits best for yourself. It seems like it might suck at first but dont back down too quickly or you won’t reap what you’ve sewn and end up back to square one

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no problem. You have given the most clear and actually close awnser. So i think you’re doing great! Keep it up!

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I’ve been going back and forth on ideas and I’ve been trying to find jobs or come up with job ideas but I’m just stuck on square one not knowing what to do at all because my ideas aren’t working yet and my job searches aren’t going well either.
I’m really hoping I’ll find a job soon so I can move out of my toxic household. Sometimes I make quick choices which doesn’t really end well for me and I end up kind of regretting making those choices so I do need to be careful and take my time figuring things out.

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Thank you! With more practice I’ll definitely be on the right track and I’m happy to help

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