Two Free Dragon Tarot Readings [2/2] Closed

I’ll pull three cards for whatever question you have. Please be specific with your question. I won’t be interpreting the meanings myself but providing the booklet interpretations if requested

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Then I better read for myself :rofl:

I’ll take one.

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Lol I can provide the booklet interpretations

Well, this is not the first time here that someone does this, so I think it will be a new trend in the craft

Really? I’m just starting out with reading for others. I’m kinda just trial and erroring it and developing intuition skills lol

I’ll take the other if it hasn’t been claimed, just want card I Know.

What is your question

Am I Correct? That’s all I Know
Can I also have picture of card, I use hermetic deck, now used Dragon before.

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Yes it will take a moment for your reading

Learn Tree of life Spread for future reference. I found it very useful for reading self. Learn Grow

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Give me a relationship reading .

Damn I’m always late lol

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Could you tell me more about the tree of life spread?

I just did to play around not trying to take shit over lol
The lovers first they embrace Lord of prudence, eight of Pentacles reversed, someone wasn’t doing they’re part as a relationship is divine balance of sorts The Sun And Mercury being a large part. New beginnings, Lord of the root of the power of water, ace of cups reveresed. Third card tells me you may want more Emotional Connection. Yet realize the power is in your hands if you Love him Forgive Create new Beginnings. The waters of life flow from your hand.
Know that right now hard work and diligence will pay off, and that there may be beautiful things blocked by emotional trauma from the past between you too.


if you are still doing this i would like a relationship read as well. if not no biggie i understand :grin:

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Sorry hon. Closed thread

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And this is ? I can’t interpret cards myself