Two Free Demonic Sigil Workings

Following Diazin’s example, I am offering two demonic sigil workings for the first two posters in this thread that are interested.

The scope of the goal is not limited, but one working may only get the ball rolling. As for the scope of the entity, the following grimoires may be of assistance:

The Kingdoms of Flame
The Goetia
The Book of Azazel
The Necronomicon Spellbook

The imagination is your limit here.

I will perform the working on Saturday morning with a black candle and the seal of the demon.

Then, on Sunday, you will offer the spirit a black candle and will place under the candle a white sheet of paper with the spirit’s sigil on top, your full birth name and date below, and what you want the spirit to do for you. Be specific. When the candle burns down, you can remove any wax residues from the sheet, scroll it up and wrap it with something you find fit, and place it somewhere, as long as its a clean place.

Let the games begin.

I’m in, though burning a candle on Sunday may be difficult since I will be homeless. Again.

Hey, my ritual is copyrighted, wtf!? See you in court.

Kidding… Good luck!

Would this be open to newbs like myself? If so, it would be greatly appreciated!

All spots are now taken.

Bad luck :confused: