Two curses work

Can two demons in different paradigm work on different curses i need advice so it wouldnt backfire


How can it be sure

Work on different curses? Why not do two rituals if they are different curses?

I’m afraid you won’t ever be sure until you ask the beings or jump in and try it. We can advise all day long, and each of us have different experiences as well as things that work for us.

I work with beings from different pantheons at the same time- others will tell you to be careful about conflicting energies.

I would advise you to work on your senses and simply begin working- so that you can answer many of these questions for yourself.

You’ll find the answer to be truer if it comes from yourself.

I second this view

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Thanks for the advise what pantheons you work for

Hehe I don’t work for any of them. I work mainly with djinn and the loa, occasionally a demon is added to the mix but rarely anymore.