Two Common Themes In Science Fiction

  1. That someone from the past who was influential, later became (mis-)understood as a god and revered with inappropriately superstitious awe by backwards generations, with the audience (reader/viewer) looking on, and being in on the joke. Found in Red Dwarf, for example, where the wonderfully slobby Lister is revered as a god by the species which evolved into human-like form from his cat.

  2. That people with the remnants of a once-great technological culture will superstitiously revere items of that culture without understanding their true purpose - found in the classic Dr Who ep “The Face Of Evil,” which is live on iPlayer btw for a few more days.

What does this say about us?

I continue to have dreams about that second-hand furniture shop, and recently, as I posted, conceived the idea that pyramids may be part of this - something I postponed and hope to get back into now i have a little more free time.

The phrase “second-hand ascent machines” keeps rattling round my head as well, which is strange.

Does any of this ring any bells with anyone else?

The more magick I do, the more I’m convinced we’re like the primitive who thinks some ancient piece of working machinery is imbued with spiritual power - of course, it IS (in our case), but what else is there? I feel like there’s a pattern, hidden in plain sight, just waiting for someone to hit the correct switches and start some ancient machinery up again.

Or maybe I just watch too much Dr Who… :slight_smile:

That’s just crazy talk! Stop it right now!

When I read the part about second hand furniture shop and pyramids, the phrase “everything old is new again” popped into my head, then, again when I read “second hand ascent machine”. Curious…

ETA: Red Dwarf was awesome. I miss that show.

I’m not well versed in science fiction like that, unless it’s violent. Like the graphic novels of the Predator/Aliens franchise or Warhammer 40,000K. The former is certainly more primal and animal but much greater than the “common man” theme, which I suppose could be an allusion to struggling with primal urges. Sort of like a psychological theme of the conscious vs the id/superego. The latter is more of the same but there are Gods and aliens, like the Eldar (which are basically Space Elves- but not really sissified). Those 4 Chaos Gods are fucking awesome, mainly Khorne. You know the one: Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne. That’s my kind of science fiction.

Fallout 4, if you’ve played it, talks about how science would bring about the destruction of man with nuclear weapons. There are aliens there, the Zetans, which figure in the New Vegas expansion and the latest game. The later one has a man from Cabot House (the old American WASP family that does actually exist) with a science/magic compilation which a Psychic dampening field to contain an alien artifact with psychic abilities. The field was called the Abramelin Field.

Plus the X-Files, that was around the same persuasion of other things. I sort of wished I could see other things like Dr. Who but alas… I’m not in a Netflix lazy mood. Yet. Also, second hand ascent machine…

Now, I’m not an amazing mystic/magi or anything but that could mean a lot. Second hand meaning previous owner so perhaps you’ve either inherited a system, as we all do with magic that isn’t new but new to you (but I mean that loosely). My guess is, if you wanted to know, is the build a magical device. Similar to wants and such but more like an altar. I mean, when I made my I completely forgot to consecrate it but it didn’t stop the already large amplification effect of it. So, as with the human body being a bit of Divine substance made whole (to steal from Skyrim), the altar and the Pyramids are probably of the same essence. It may have been aliens who built it, or gave the designs. I’m not convinced of that myself but still begs the question, where did they get that information from? At some point, they were crawling around the primordial ooze themselves and somehow, got the answers for space travel. Certainly is fun to wonder!

Thank you for pointing that out! The number of times I’ve heard people struggle with how life began on earth, for example, then someone says “oh it must have drifted in from another planet” and everyone acts like that’s a good enough answer - but on that other planet, it began SOMEHOW, you can’t just keep passing the buck, and if we can theorise what conditions that would require… gah.

I’m making some pyramids later anyway, going to play with those and see what reqults I get, I hurt my knee recently and I want to give them a fair test and see if they speed up the healing process.