Twin FLAMES Anybody else is experiencing

I’ve been told and feel this twin​:fire::fire: Connection .
Its intense especially when I meditate focus them on my heart an Intentionally focus on healing… the
The Experience is Nuclear !!!
I also feel and Understand that the Legend of Shiva and Shakti is a message and a lesson to all twin Flames…
Especially on the part where shiva meditates and shakti comes to stimulate energy and growth.

I’ve also come to the understanding that I the Devine femenine who incarnated as a Man and my twin the divine Masculine incarnated as a Woman…
So I wanna hear what everybody has to say . Chat me up .
Also I understand that the both twins must feel complete without each other in order to work …
Not saying its impossible if one of you dont feel self love …
So anybody here knowledgable or have wisdom to share about twin flames ??
I cant wait to do magick and spiritual work with my twin .

I’m still really confused with all this “twin flames” thing. In my culture we have the concept of “almas gemelas” (“twin souls”), but some users say that that’s another thing, so the “twin flames” concept is something that is still alien to me

Twin flame isn’t always love, the concept of twin flame was pretty much taken and made insanely hetero and cringy lol. Twin flames can be siblings, friends, lovers, parents, cousins, enemies, teacher and student, strangers who will never meet, two boys, two girls, boy and girl, one practice occult the other doesnt do any of that, and so forth and in between. Twin flame is basically your soul split in two and you’re incomplete without it. However the flaw in this is everyone has feminine and masculine energies within themselves some are balanced some lean more to the other.


I don’t believe in twin flames, i feel like i don’t have one, don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.