Twin Flames and Black Magic

That’s a lot of untapped vampire energy for you. And you can drain their life force even easier and quicker so they get sick and leave you alone. Lolz.


RHP people are fucking hypocrites.

They don’t want to force you to love them. They want ‘god’ to do it for them.

More effective for TF types to honest up and get a demon to do the bindwork, or a familiar.

AGREED! Public figures may want to consider not only warding for protection, but also setting up vampire tulpas to divert and feed off of their stalkers, haters, and identity imposters who catfish them online. Don’t put that energy to waste. Use it to build yourself up in life.


If twin flames are both black magicians will they feel as though it’s competition or will they be supportive of each other … /challenge each other to grow?


That, at least in my experience.

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Is this a thing, you can actually intend to drain the life force of a person? As in a planned event?

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I think your post was extreamly incredible…I know exactly who my twin flame is. Well I’m pretty convinced at least. I absolutely agree with everything ur saying…and I’m also looking for the same answers.

Twin Flame = Love Messiah bullshit

Horrendously unspiritual idea in my book, feels like a binding spell that leads to one’s own hell. Even if it were real, the eternal yin chasing yang doesn’t sound like a manifestation I want. The anima and animus of my soul are self contained. I’ll dance with any woman on that level but I’m not about to split myself and “complete me” though some girl.

“Better half?” …blech


Lmao preach :+1:

yup. no chasing. if you think you have to chase, your coming off from the wrong heart. twin flames don’t chase. they naturally attract. I think in this case it might be a soul friend or soul lover or soul teacher. etc… If the person have that much of a connection. Of course one or other probably isn’t evolve enough to be on the same level. That’s why it’s challenging. It’s part of the lesson that the girl runs. It’s to teach one about the heart of heartbreak. Either way, the poster have a great experience. Not many find connection like this or is even aware of it. Magick isn’t needed for these folks. Good old communication is needed. They already connected.

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In the concept of twin flames it can even be your enemy/someone you dislike. It’s not always a positive relationship or one that is even friends or know each other.


we don’t call it twin flame if it’s enemy. that would be soul enemy. haha… Like all the exes that people have that are doing domestic abuse. It’s their lesson to deal with those issues. Bad karma in past life? So they have to suffer due to those partner owing each other. They will suffer together. hehe. Until they learn something they need to learn. That’s why those that get abuse usually attract abusive relationship one after another. They haven’t learn to make good energy around them or love themselves enough yet. They need to learn self love so they don’t deal with the abusive type.

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Nah it can still be a twin flame. People just like to rip and tear apart the concept instead of accepting it for what it really is lol. It’s a desire to remain ignorant to the full picture and only focus on one part of the picture. Though personally I don’t really buy into it.

YUP. See Stargirl TPW for a prime example.

I don’t put so much emphasis on it. It’s too rare to do such. And i don’t care for labels. Rather interact with person to make the relationship rather then the label influence how one treat each other. Too many people act base on labels. Once they label person bf/gf they would do all the things they think a bf/gf does. Rather then seeing the person’s soul or the person in front of them and act according to the interaction.

I mean labels are useful to maneuver around the world socially and what not. My bf and I have a long prior to reincarnation connection to one another but we don’t use twin flame or soul mates lol we just do whatever lmao.


words , labels are for communication purpose , however, it shouldn’t dictate your behavior. that’s why you can be intimately close with a friend doing all the good things to save their life from surgery and then suddenly they distance themselves and attack you cuz you call out their bs treatment and their broken promises. They suddenly 360 degree treat you like and enemy or stranger. It’s the label. They completely forgotten that you practically save their life and disrespect you by abandoning you. It’s as if you never interacted with them. The labels does some damage to the friendship. You saving their life don’t exist no more. The power of labels can do damage if the person isn’t smart or confuse. Add the weak ego and things will never work out. Don’t forget the 3rd party influence due to that person’s insecurity and jealousy. People tend to take the word of those they know longer. Too many are superficial and not quality base when it comes to being real with people.

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And so many have no idea how to discern. Although that trait is also very prevalent in astral projection addicts (as is foggy brain, disorientation, confusion)

All in all, an astral vampire is an addict and it’s important to not only discern which is which but also make sure they understand that their actions do not go unpunished and somebody is watching them.

It’s cause people are lazy to use their mind to discern. It require thought and actual application of knowledge. Most people just react base on emotional triggers. They are not trained to be aware of their responses or their body language or their emotions. They just go into anger mode without realizing they are doing it. It’s instinct when they feel uncomfortable. New experiences weather it be positive or negative will sometimes put someone in a reactive angry state. They can’t think and just react defensively. excitement and fear have similar feelings so most can’t distinguish which is which. That’s why people run away when they have fun with another person. They think hey!! it’s not my partner i’m having fun with. So they think it’s fear instead of excitement which leads them to conclude that it’s not right. So they mistreat you using misunderstood feelings they had which was excitement but they think it was fear.

Yeah all fine and great until you become so negatively charged to someone’s positive that the two of you smack together in the etheric realm.
Sometimes it’s just bc they are a polarization to you.
Or it could be their DAEMON and not even them!

It’s really spooky whatever it is. I try to stay away and what I do now is take medication so I don’t dream that way I know I don’t fall for alien love bites or twin astral BS or anything else with destructive energies.

I like my peace and quiet too much to worry about what’s happening in the etheric.

Unless it’s something like a serious emergency and I only respond to my guide now which is not a twin it’s an Archangel that was assigned to me when I got attuned.

Once you fall for the energy vampirism thing one time you NEVER fall for it again. Boy what a lesson. Now I protect my energies from ANYONE and anything human or non. Blessings and healings are nice but not when it’s at the expense of your life or your mental health.

The less I get abducted the better. I do not want to go to the lower astrals again that was terrifying

When you have to seek out a mental health provider after a “healing” I’d say it was a pretty unsuccessful healing.