Twin Flames and Black Magic

Gautama Buddha, once he became aware of his past lives, noticed that he and his wife were together in them a lot. He remembered a time during the lifetime of the fourth Buddha, Dipamkara Buddha (for reference, Gautama Buddha is the 28th Buddha). At that time, a young Brahmin named, Sumedha was looking for flowers to buy for an offering to the Buddha, as he is on a visit to the town, but the king had already taken them all. Luckily, he spots a young woman named Sumidha, who is carrying seven lotus flowers. He intends to buy one off her, but she gives him five if he promises to be her husband in every future life. That is also the time that Dipamkara Buddha makes a prophecy that Sumedhi will one day become a Buddha.

It’s actually quite beautiful. And now, they are both in Nirvana, together. She was wise, who traded five lotus flowers to achieve enlightenment.


I second it!! It works.

Can you send me this, Lady Eva, please

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If she’s really your Twin Flame, you won’t have to chase her. So, no. Don’t do black magick to bind her to you. If anything, that might only complicate the matter further.


A lot of the time with twin flames people are picky about what information they cling to, twin flames isn’t always romantic, it can be mother and child, father and son, brother and sister, cousins, enemies, friends, and so forth. It’s a bond that changes depending on the life you two are living, how you were raised, and so forth.
People are so weird with forcing a love bond based off picking and choosing what is and what isn’t that I tend to believe if someone is your twin flame, it’s not two souls sharing the same oversoul or one soul split in two, but rather two souls who for some reason or another find themselves in the same reincarnations together.

The funny thing is for those who do follow the strictly romantic twin flame mentality, it’s always hetero lol.

My “twin flame” was a student of mine in a past, it was just that student and teacher, then it was lovers, then it was strangers, and then it was just friends. now it’s lovers and it’s another guy lol. We don’t share the same over soul, or one soul in two…but we both represent the creative form of fire in some aspect in our true selves and both from the same place. We chose to form a bond that expands through lives, by choice.

Of course every situation is different but it still goes to say not all are romantic.


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The idea of a Twin Flame is very silly to me personally.

The idea of having been with someone in a past life and having a strong connection due to that could make a lot of sense, but sharing a soul and being incomplete without the other half is the stuff of Hollywood movies.

I knew a girl once who was convinced she had met her Twin Flame, so she threw away her current relationship, her job, and destroyed her own life to try to make it happen. In the end the guy, was just a guy and didn’t leave his wife for her. I heard the story about “you just don’t understand unless you have experienced it”. Soon after, she met another guy and suddenly this one supposedly was her Twin Flame.

Sometimes people just want to be loved (which is understandable) and try to make things fit because they like the idea that there is one specific person out there for them.

I’m LHP, so people can do whatever they want, but my advice is to develop yourself above all else. If you do, everything else will fall into place.


Twin flames are also neither incarnated on this earth, but one is incarnated and the other is not. It is so in my case. As for @casey_lewis, God is Everything, He is within everything, in both Darkness and He is Light. As within so Without. As above. So below. Do not hurry your opinions on dark magick and kundalini in frightfulness and fear without fully immersing yourself in darkness. For when one traverses through harsh darkening, only they can rise to their highest potential that which is truth and omnipotent light, which is your Godself. The darkness is the hidden forgetfulness of the face of God. When you solve your fears, you will begin to know that you were within an illusion.


Don’t be snooty. Flagged.

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I have had 2 men completely convinced that they were my twin flame, they expressed all the same sort of things that you have. However neither of them are.

I tend to think these hetero twin flame stories are basically people bullshitting themselves. From what i understand, the original Twin Flame idea was linked to the splitting of the androgyne, and manifested as LGBT relationships if it went sexual. In most cases, from what Plato describes, TFs are rarely heterosexual at all. Rather, they tend to reflect different forms of relationship where two separate halves remember and revisit their lost shadows through each other. To the way Plato explains it, TFs are testing grounds, not courtly chivalric romance narratives or destined love affairs.

Some people use the TF idea as ‘proof’ they’re meant to be with someone they just met and fancy. It’s an elaborate delusion - hey, that sexy motherfucker i can’t wait to get into the sack is DESTINED to fuck me, they HAVE TO, it’s a TWIN FLAME thing.


Sometimes you have to force people to love you. I’m not judging. I’m just saying. Do it properly.

If you really wanna force love, there are a bunch of love magick rituals on this site for that. I’ve written more than my fair share of them. Check around.

Hiding behind a TF narrative serves nobody, but hey, do your thing


That’s a great point. It’s funny, I have heard many RHP people talk about how it’s morally wrong to use a love spell on someone, yet several I’ve talked to also believe in the concept of Twin Flames. Ironically, some of those people go hardcore stalker when they think they found their imaginary TF, and justify all their stalky actions because they were things they “had to do” because of #Destiny. The chaser/runner effect also has nothing to do with TF. It’s just basic attraction stuff. It often happens with people predisposed to obsessive behavior.

In my music career, unfortunately I’ve had a few actual stalkers, but the worst of all were the ones convinced that I was their TF (some of who I never even met in person - but who were just somehow obsessed with me). It’s a wacky concept.


I agree 100% it’s an odd twisted way to force a relationship out of desperation or the need of companionship.


That’s a lot of untapped vampire energy for you. And you can drain their life force even easier and quicker so they get sick and leave you alone. Lolz.


RHP people are fucking hypocrites.

They don’t want to force you to love them. They want ‘god’ to do it for them.

More effective for TF types to honest up and get a demon to do the bindwork, or a familiar.

AGREED! Public figures may want to consider not only warding for protection, but also setting up vampire tulpas to divert and feed off of their stalkers, haters, and identity imposters who catfish them online. Don’t put that energy to waste. Use it to build yourself up in life.


If twin flames are both black magicians will they feel as though it’s competition or will they be supportive of each other … /challenge each other to grow?


That, at least in my experience.

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Is this a thing, you can actually intend to drain the life force of a person? As in a planned event?

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I think your post was extreamly incredible…I know exactly who my twin flame is. Well I’m pretty convinced at least. I absolutely agree with everything ur saying…and I’m also looking for the same answers.