Twin flame?

So I been on and off with this girl (she’s connected to lilith and kali) for a year we recently broke up again this weekend I’m going crazy cuz I’m crazy in love with her and Idk if I believe in twin flames but if it’s true it feels like she’s it we have to many things that mirror each other and we keep getting drawn to eachother i tride all this magick to get away from her and she tells me she also has so if anyone has any advice on wtf is going on here it would be greatly appreciated

First thing: gather some self love. This isn’t mocking you or saying something sketchy, this is one of the best tips I can give you if you want to bring someone back into a relationship. If you work on this first, your chanves will improve 1000%, I promise you.

Also, it may be you just desperate with the end of relationship, it may be love or it may be just obsession. Look for the true answer before proceding it and you’ll discover what you need to do.

After that, is all about studying and making a spell plan. But consider your desperation, because if you keep yourself too much desperate, you’ll find many obstacles on manifesting things through magick.


read your sinastry chart
many planets in conjunction or opposition relates to a strong affinity
if the venus or pluto of one of you conjucts the other’s pluto or venus in the exact same degree minute and second then you are twin souls and you might live a complicated journey a few people can afford

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Magic works only if you trully wish something. That’s the first condition - your own will. Since it did not work for both of you I get the impression that both of you just don’t want this break up.

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I’ve loved a few people who weren’t my twin flame. My twin flame and who I’m connected to hasn’t been born and won’t be born anytime soon. However I have created a family with the next best thing, and I know my twin flame is looking out for me.

Wait and see how you feel after being with them to see if it feels the same.

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We been together we almost had a kid together I’ve cut all communication with here now. I’m 30 now and been married before so has she and it’s the first time I felt like this I can’t stop thinking of them (she tells me it’s the same thing with her) I dnt know if I believe in twin flames but I know I’m very connected with her

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Sounds more like you’re just crazy in love with her, the idea of twin flames isn’t always loved based, nor male and female. Twin flames can be enemies, siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.

I’d have to agree with @Isamo_Minami