TWF's Reading - And Goodbye (for now...)

Okay, so I’d like to give a shout out to TWF. He did a reading for me a while back. If I hadn’t gotten him to do it, then I doubt any of the things that have happened recently would even matter…

This was his message - he drew 3 cards:


“Eligor represents conflict in your past and shows you’ve struggled against both internal and external obstacles. Ipos is found in the present and indicates you’ve come to a point of caution and anxiety, your unsure how to proceed and what is the best route to take. Avnas in the future indicates a period of enlightenment or revelation. You know the result of the path you had been living, choosing the new path to break free from your self imposed shackles will bring you enlightenment and new perspectives.”

I’m not gonna go into detail, but his reading was pretty much spot on. To the point where I almost get a chill when I think to myself “How did he do it?” lol.

Seriously TWF. Thank you for doing that. Without it I’d probably still be spiraling down the same path.

It helped. More than you know.

I’d also like to take this time to say goodbye, and to apologize if I’ve annoyed or offended anyone on here. I wasn’t quite myself. I’ll be back though, when the time is right.