TWF's Book Sale


I’ve decided to part with some of my books to make room for new books in the future. I’m parting with books that I know I will not be practicing from and have gleaned about as much information as I can from them.

Liber Falxifer I $250
Liber Falxifer II $250
Book of Sitra Achra $250 SOLD
Keys of Ocat $60 SOLD

I may have other books on the chopping block in the near future. If interested pm me, prices are non negotiable and must be paid in full at time of purchase. If they are not sold here they will be banished to eBay, I thought I’d offer them here first to people I know will actually put them to use rather than just try to flip them. These prices are more than fair, feel free to browse eBay and compare. All books are in exellent condition.



All books are standard edition. LF I is the Crimson Edition with added material.


EA’s Complete Works perhaps?



But not at the moment so please do not ask about it…yet.


you come across as a fallen TWF


Book of Sitra Achra? You’re gonna part with that? You’re crazy.


How so? Because I’ve decided to sell a couple books? I’m not a devotee or follower of the 218 current. I find the material interesting and a refreshing look at the Qliphoth but nothing more and nothing I’m willing or capable of devoting myself to so it makes little sense to me to keep it except for bragging rights which means little to me. I’m not begging people to buy them and I’m not trying to make it rich, I’m only selling them to buy other things to both expand my practice and my business. If anything I look at what I’m doing as clearing away the dross to make room for more success.

Like I said I have PDF backups so I’m only parting with a book I don’t practice from. I still have the information available to me.

The Complete Works isn’t for sale, unless I get an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I still use this book and utilize the teachings in it. I have all the ebooks and PDF of the OAA material so if I did part with it I’d only be losing the physical tome.


lol no your energy,


If you say so.


Forgot to mention to whoever who buys Keys of Ocat will also get Keys of Death the chapbook that contains all the Enochian Tablets in their full colored format for free.


Pretty good offers, TWF. I do indeed hope the right person picks these up. Of course if the wrong one does and gets hurt, that’s still a good thing. :slight_smile:


There you go again, always looking for that silver lining:)

I like the books but can’t devote myself to the practice so I’d rather part with them (at a profit of course) and let someone else put them to good use.


Sitra Achra is sold.

Only the Falxifer series remains


Forgot to mention Keys of Ocat is sold as well.


You could edit your OP and save people seeing it and PM-ing if they didn’t read all the way down - maybe? Listen to me, Mrs Helpful! lol


You could edit your OP and save people seeing it and PM-ing if they didn’t read all the way down - maybe? Listen to me, Mrs Helpful! lol[/quote]

Oh Eva, if you weren’t across a large body of water and would agree to considerably lower your standards I’d kiss you lol


Would you be willing to sell a copy of your pdf backup of the book of Sitra Achra? I could not find one anywhere else on the internet, not interested in the book just the info in it.