TWF review

I am joining the crowd of people saying good things about TWFs readings. I did a live session with him recently.
We learned that skype is a work of evil and will cut you off at the most inopportune time.
Fortunately TWF is more reliable than Skype. :slight_smile:
It was a helpful reading and he is clearly very well versed in the meaning of the cards and how to use them in the different spreads.
I also learned that asking the right questions as well as changing the focus of the question is as important to a good reading as the meaning of the cards.
TWF can divine without having subject links if necessary, meaning there is a very vast scope of situations that can be covered.
As regards accuracy he correctly identified a key factor in the past that had led to a current situation.
Also one aspect of the future reading was confirmed as true within 24 hours. Don’t you love it when that happens.

Thank you for the kind review DM, indeed Skype as beneficial as it is has its moments where you feel the internet gods laughing at you.

Just a quick note to say that -TWF- has come though again today with another solid reading that has provided a welcome insight to an important step forward in my life.

Thanks for the review man, good luck with what you got going on.

Thank you as well TWF, though I had a setback with the mojo bag, in hindsight I felt like it needed to happen, otherwise I wouldn’t have the motivation to change and become closer to my ascent.

No problem Sinister. As far as the mojo goes I agree it needed to happen, it did what it was supposed to do and was able to draw her to you, the problems you’re working to overcome were the cause, the relationship probelms were a byproduct of the issues you need to fix. I’m glad to see you’re on the road to recovery and actively trying to resolve these issues, I’m glad I could play a hand in that as well.

Whew not posted for a while. Gonna add to this review rather than make a new post.
I would like to add that in addition to TWF being very well versed in the meanings of the cards he also has the patience of a saint as not only was there psychic interference for one of the subjects discussed and skype was doing its usual horsing around but the cards occassionally misbehaved and told us stuff we already knew.
Its important to note that as TWF is versed in several different divination methods, he can use these for error correction and confirmation.
I am grateful for his persistence in adverse conditions.

Thank you DarthMordus and FUCK SKYPE…that is all.

I want to say that TWF has been a great help to me in the past year. His readings are second to none. He is my go to for readings.

He does not tell you what you wish to hear, but what you need to know. 10/10 the best there is.