Tutorial: Removing Wax from Universal Circle

Hi there,

Are you annoyed when you look at your precious Universal Circle(s) and you see candle wax on it?
I know that i’m very annoyed when i see a tinny wax stain on it. Well i got good news for you! in this very short Tutorial i’m going to tell you how to remove those wax stains.

What do you need:
Your Universal Circle or Qliphothic Ritual mat.
A iron
A finger nail or butterknive/spoon. (to scrap off the wax)
tissue or toilet paper
1,5 minute of your time.

First step
Turn on your iron and put it on the lowest position probably nylon.

Second step
Scrap of the wax from your Universal Circle or other piece of cloth what you wish to clean.

Third step
Put a piece of tissue or toilet paper under the Universal Circle or other cloth. and of course place it under the area where the wax stain is. Now you must also place a tissue or toilet paper directly on the wax stain.

Fourth step
Put the iron on the tissue or toilet paper and make circular motion do this for 6 seconds.

Fifth step
Remove the tissue or toilet paper to inspect.
If necessary repeat step 4 a few times.

Because of the heat of the iron the wax will melt and the tissue or toilet paper will absorb the liquid wax.

Try it out!