Tutorial: Petition Spells

So…I get burning it and flushing it and burying it but how would one go about casting it to the winds? How would you use air to dispose of it?

You burn it and throw the ashes out the window, or tear it up and let the winds carry it away.

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To be quite honest it really depends on whether you BELIEVE doing so is going to mess up your petition. The last petition I did involved 3 spirits and it went perfectly. I don’t think individuals should gate keep on people’s magickal practices. Try it out for yourself. If it works it works.

Hello! Could you pm me I have a couple question to ask.

Yo. This spell might be simple but it works. Last week I was able to order an oculus quest 2. Holy Shit.


Do u need to put a sigil on the petition?

Also, can it be lined paper ?

No, you don’t need to put a sigil on the paper.

Yes, it can be lined paper.

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