Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps

This quote gives me hope to continue working on my goal : )


Just a bump/update to some tweaking I’ve been doing:

I have changed it up even more, and find my latest tweaks to be working really well.

Basically I created an imaginary temple room, like an astral temple. I imagine I am in this room, charge myself some source energy from an imaginary skylight then summon the essence of the individual to this pretend temple room.

I think talk to them like they are my little minions and here’s their choices- we can do this and this and this or that and we’ll see so many good things from it beneficial to us all or we can not and I can use power to fck to you up.

With baneful targets.

With everything else I just talk to the person like I’m telling them my side of the story why I want them to do what it is and why it’s good for them to do it.

I think this is a more advanced version, harder to because of the imagination parts being perceivable harder. They are not actually but for people like me who can’t visualize or who have shoddy skills and senses there’s a lot more room for doubt with this adaptation.


Im going to ttry this, i do find it hard to go into a trance


@Zenaminx Oh dang me too.

I barely got into maybe a light trance just once.

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I think people over complicate the trance thing. Like I mean I think we don’t even realize what it is sometimes.

Have you ever played a mindless phone game where you just instinctively reacted while lost in thought?

Or driven down the road and suddenly found you are further than you realized, somehow you drove through traffic and intersections and maybe signal lights… but have no recollection of doing it?

I read recently it takes less than thirty seconds of watching the tv to drop into the equivalent of a light trance…

So, I know that deep operative trance where you are aware and recall your actions, from what seems like a dream like state is ultimately everyone’s goal….

But maybe we don’t have to try so hard to get there, at least while we figure out what it means/feels like to us for sure.

Food for thought :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure about the phone game example but anything like that just ain’t enough for me.

I need to atleast get into a trance deep enough to feel like I’m half way in a lucid dream and effortlessly add my sense of touch to my visualizations.

A transe so deep that I can get out of my physical body within seconds despite never having a successful astral projection before.


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If i dont know their name, can i use a nickname i gave them instead? I want to use this on a girl at my gym

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Yes, you just need to have an idea of her existence, knowing her name or even her exact image is not needed.


I’ve been using this technique for 3 weeks everyday for 20 minutes…I feel the energy going to them as I drop into trance…still nothing at all, intention is for them to contact me. Any idea? haven’t spoke to them for 6 months and we ended badly…sent “you think about me” " you miss me" “you want to contact me” with joyous emotion as well…could use some advice


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Those sound like the right kind of thoughts to be sending for wanting someone to contact you. You are in the right track with those.

The thing is, the individual might have a reason why they want to contact you and then still don’t. If there was a nasty partying of ways, a new individual (or even an old one) that is a friend or partner who dislikes you etc.

If it’s something against their core beliefs and wants, that’s where some of these troubles come in, the transmission goes, but they don’t want it for some reason.

If you happen to know what it is, then you can either influence that, or form thoughts to send that will overcome the issue.

Like if I was trying to get an ex to contact me, but I know his best friend dislike me, I might try to send something to the affect of best friends feelings aren’t valid, or whatever it actually was.

Remote influence is easy, but figuring out what the obstacles are In The other persons brain to prevent them from taking action- is a bit harder.

You can also try sending the thoughts with more oomph- for example if I want it to go through right now this minute, (or basically very soon) I skip all the above steps except figuring out what thiught to send, masturbate and send the thought as I orgasm.

I don’t have many reasons to do it this way, but I’ve tested it out with my husband and he unknowingly acts or calls as soon as he able, if done this way.


I did think that about some other outside influences. I petitioned Belial to remove any blockages and self limiting thoughts/ emotions about a week ago but I must admit when I do the exercise I visualize it so strongly and get so involved with it that when I’m not getting physical results ot messes with my head a bit.

Would lusting for results apply to this as it’s daily…I’m not but curious as this is the first time using my own energy really, usually get demons involved but I want to use my own energy more for manifesting things.

As I lrgasm I imagine blasting her solar plexus with that energy saying the words"contact me.

Forgot to mention

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I think it can, because we can become obsessed with whether or not it’s working instead of just knowing for sure we definitely got the thoughts across.

I also think we can send thoughts too strongly and freak someone out if it’s contrary to what they originally wanted too, but I can’t say if either are the problem.

Maybe see if you can grab a reading from someone in the general thread about your situational blockages?


Do you think there is a risk of driving the target insane with this method if used for months and something that MAJORLY goes against their beliefs. Not what I’m doing just curious to see the extent of it…

I assume you deliver the message to the subconscious which then gets bought up to the conscience mind.

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Yes I do. I think you can utterly break a person if they don’t seek help, or figure out what is wrong, so to speak.

Ideally but if you push too hard, or have a telepathic like link, I believe you cause then to have downright intrusive thoughts as well.

I know spirits can cause this and so can certain types of spell work, so it’s probably no more dangerous than those methods, and probably well combined with them, actually if that were the goal.

Enough conflicting or out of character thoughts at once will certainly make an aware person wonder wtf is wrong with them, particularly if they don’t expect psychic or spiritual attack.

All opinion/experienced base thoughts here, don’t take it as the holy grail of could bes. :rofl:


To be honest I’m thinking of trying it out in a baneful way on this utter cockroach I know, perhaps having vine rip down any mental protection he has in place.

I wonder if this was used to place harmful thoughts into a targets head on a daily basis it could be blocked with some sort of anti depressant / anti psychotic drug that was prescribed to the target to battle the thoughts.

Medication can alter a normal brain function…I do wonder.


You can definitely use if for baneful work, I just don’t know how medication would affect it, I’ve not seen it studied along side medication specifically- probably because as baneful targets we wouldn’t always know if they sought treatment or what kind.

Social media does open you up to more information than before however, especially with some people.


Hey @Keteriya !!

I’ve used this method to great success in the past, but I’m experimenting and trying to discover what works best for me and wanted to ask you how you have done the first method that you posted here yourself:

When implanting the thoughts, being mentally in front of your target etc, what is the kind of phrasing that you use?

Is them telling you: “Keteriya, I miss you”?
Is you telling them: “You miss me”?
Is you telling them: “You miss Keteriya”?

This questions are a bit related to them realizing at some point that you’re the one putting that on their heads (maybe if you use the “you miss me” they’ll subconsciously know it was you? Idk).

Thank you!!


I use “you miss me” with them repeating it back to me with a smile as I transfer positive emotions.

Could the subconscious block it everytime so it doesn’t even hit the conscience mind or would it be a matter of persistence over resistance and eventually the thoughts will be in their head?

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I usually use it like this, because I get a faster response.

However, upon considering it I’ve decided you could indeed be on to something. I don’t think it would make a difference in the average person, but it would probably in those that are more self aware or when the sender is experienced and good with targeting.

Either scenario might cause the thoughts to quite literally come across word for word, rather than being brought up later by the subconscious.

To some it would be weird to think you instead of I. It wouldn’t be universal however, because a lot of people already have intrusive thoughts or use some sort of distancing in which you don’t refer directly to yourself while thinking- in order to calm your mind and let go of things faster.

You’ll have to try it all these ways and see for sure, it might even vary by target which way is best.

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