[Tutorial] Convert sigils into POWERFUL songs

Hey guys, this thread will probably go unnoticed but this will probably one of the best tutorials I ever give out, that can lead to AMAZING results. Many people have told me that incorporating this into their magical works have led to the most powerful workings they have ever experienced.

Requirements: A Windows 10 or Mac computer.


Find the image of the sigil you want online. For example if I want King Paimon’s sigil, I would do a google search for his sigil and save it.

THE IMAGE MUST HAVE A BLACK BACKGROUND WITH WHITE SIGIL. If it has a white background with black sigil, no worries, just go to this website to invert the colors: Invert colors online

For Example:



Download and install this program. I am no way affiliated with this, but this is the best free one I could find, although it is only a demo: Photosounder.com - Image-sound editor & synthesizer


Click on open and find where you saved the image of your sigil. It should open up like this. To change the speed of the sound, move the time resolution knob. Everything else doesn’t need to be touched. (I generally change the frequency scale logarithmic base from 2 to 1, but I’m not sure if that makes a difference.)


Because you can’t save the file on the demo, there are some workarounds. Such as recording your screen.

FOR WINDOWS: Press Window Key + Alt + R, a thing should come up say recording. Just press play on the photosounder and then when its done playing end the recording.

The resulting video should be in your Videos folder.

FOR MAC USERS: Open QuickTime > Click File > Click “New Screen recording”. Hit record and then press play on the photosounder. End the recording afterwards. It should be under ~/Documents


Convert the videos to audio. If your recording is a MP4 file (Windows Users) go here MP4 to MP3 | CloudConvert

If your file is a MOV file (Mac users) go here: MOV to MP3 | CloudConvert

Convert and download. Now you have that audio file isolated.


Install Audacity. https://www.audacityteam.org/


Open Audacity, and drag your sigil mp3 file into audacity. cut the edges where no sound is playing by highlighting those areas and clicking the scissors icon at the top bar.

Once you have trimmed both sides. Things you can try. You can mess with the volume of it, make the sound so quiet is becomes a subliminal message, or make it loud. Drag songs that you think are particularly spiritual into audacity to play over the sigil sound.

You can also loop it by highlighting the area of the sound, press Ctrl + C, click the end of the sound, and press Ctrl + V.

It may be in your best interest to look up a short tutorial on how to use audacity.

Export your new file in audacity and that’s it!

I’m not going to tell you how you use the file, since it’s an audio version of a sigil, but merely listening to the sigil can often lead to the same results as staring at the sigil, and doing both will fully immerse your senses into your magical workings.

It’s kinda complicated but it’s so SO worth it. Being able to listen to the sigil brings a WHOLE new powerful sensation that can’t as easily be brought by only staring at the sigil.

If you need help message me or reply to the thread and I will help you out. If you can’t figure it out and there is a sigil or two you wanna try DM me and I’ll help make it for you, I may ask for some magical favor in return though. (Not money.)

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Now I want to do this with a personal sigil I have xD

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Very interesting technique, good job

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Do it man! If you have any trouble with it let me know and I can help you out

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It looks like you put a lot of work into posting and sharing this.

It looks really interesting. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading the feedback!

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Thank you so much for this information… something I will definitely try and more than intrigued. :slight_smile:

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Also the sigils sometimes look so cool when you run the audio through a spectrum analyzer


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This is a must try for me! Thanks for sharing

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Makes me wish I had the ability to set up my computer, I can only do things via phone atm,

How many sigils have you allready got saved and ready.

Why is it important that it’s white writting black background?

Would you be willing to share a few of these finished files with us,

And well done explaining how to do this.

So yea hope I’m not bothering with all my questions I assume your down to chat.


Here is an example (Note that what I use is much more accurate and complex, I use Harmor’s imaging features in FL Studio)

White pixel means play frequency, blackpoxel means don’t play frequency. The frequencies draw out the sigil.


This is totally cool, bumping.

I just made one of these for Stolas. Just an idea, you can put subliminal messages like “I am connected to name” and the audio sigil together.


Oooooh will have to give this a go!