Turtle mountain vision and more...🤔

I was wondering if anyone knew any beings that linked to turtle mountain, I had never heard of this place until a vision of it last night? Insight would be appreciated :thinking:

along with a a vision of an ancient Emperor in China, A being was showing me ancient spells on some type of wooden slats with ribbon on the ends,
The being showing me these was telling me how to use and stop them it was element related magic and they explained how the emperor was given this gift but used it incorrectly.

The 3rd was a little darker but not the first time that I have had a conversation with death, the first time he had a deck of cards with different people, on none i recognised and he asked me to pick who left with him, I replied I wouldn’t choose, then this time he was showing me him taking souls.

My abilities have had a bit of a growth spurt of late, why I am not sure, it could be due to the constantly developing relationships I have been working on or even the changes around me physically.
My session I did last night was meant to be a short meditation 30mins, when I came out it had been 3hrs and 15mins.
I was thinking of a rest from all magic for a few days, a few years ago this would of been easy for me but I have found I have increased headaches and have ended up accidentally Astro traveling when I do complete breaks now.
does anyone have any tips?
I am well grounded and am still able to shut myself down. :thinking:


All these visions with increased insight might be a series of warnings. Most dreams dealing with mountains or hills have to do with major obstacles or challenges in your path that you are trying to overcome. The turtle, which is a symbol for knowledge, and slow progress towards your goals.

The Chinese emperor doing magic has supernatural powers or other qualities, and is misusing his gifts, displaying his knowledge, this vision is a warning for you to avoid conflicts or confrontations and showing your hand to soon.

The Grim Reaper choosing your cards picturing people you know, the end of someone or something, your relationships with people that you distrust? Instead of directly ending the relationship you wish fate to take a hand in determining your future with certain people.


The way you have translated it is spot on and it kind of like a tarot reading in visions.
Sometimes I think you need another’s perspective to help you gain focus.

I have felt of late I have the knowledge but due to a current situation the other person involved was making any progress slow.
Also due to this situation my bonds and magic work has been slowed down, which is frustrating not only for me but those I work with which they make known to me.

I know this warning and understand how to place it, thank you @lawclerk

There is definitely certain relationships in my life I’ve allowed fate in the past to decide on however in current relationships I have worked with other beings as if there’s no trust which I can sense early on i do use magic to not only protect myself but to remove them and then allow fate to take its new path.

Last night I called upon the great lord lucifer to help me, we have a unique relationship to say the least, but i felt instantly heard and supported with the evidence to prove it.
I do not distrust this person, I do however refuse to continuously struggle with them or be hurt by them they are a definite jackal Hyde type person.
Lord lucifer and others showed me last night the progress is slow but still moving forward, I am grateful for their work & will find more patience and keep my next move under wraps for now.

Thank you for your reflection @lawclerk


Your welcome. Visions use symbols to communicate a message, interesting to interrupt and read, good luck on your path.