Turquoise feathers Sign

I found a feather floating to the ground after cutting a bracelet my aunt asked me to it was the last link to her ex bf

Tonight I was doing a dream spell for client
A freezer spell to stop someone from taking my lover
And a think of me lover

After I cutted the string on the bracelet and when to put her anthem away the feather floated down at the spot where I stand in front of my altar I’m curious what this feather means 15489037754803941787452069035882|250x500

The image did not show.

However, I consider shades of blue and green (which iirc is similar to those colors) to be healing colors. Sounds like she will grow and move on tbh.

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my aunt is sick rn but is on strong drugs from the doctor ; i tried asking Azazel questions about his past like he having 4 wings and if he is an ancient god he did not answer them