Turning your mate into your soulmate?

Hello everyone :wave: I was wondering if there are any spells on turning your current lover into your soulmate with either a spell or evocation ? Or if anyone has had any experience with doing this particular thing. let me know if you have done something like this before or have any recommended spells for this kind of work . I googled a few ways to do this already , but I’d rather have an opinion from someone who has experience with this . Thank you all :heart:️:heart:️


@Virgowitch Rites in the Thirteen Tongues: the Keratkes Section. One of the last rites in the chapter I believe.


It’s called Velzharyn’s Spirit Union. pg 97. Rites in the Thirteen Tongues.


Now, please keep in mind that i merely seek to answer you, rather then just pleasing.

Indeed, there are way’s to do that, i know becouse i did several times.

Please note, that in any case of seperating from such a connection,
there simply stays a part of you left, seperated.

Now, to do such a connection rite, both of you need to cast on each other.

basically, forming astral and physical connection at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be revealing all of your skills,
but generally in such rites you want to be very congurent!

making a list of similaritys and differences between you and your partner is a good start.

Working with Incubi & Succubi help’s dramatically there.

Sitri and Bune,
worshipped over an extended period of time,
did a majority of the connecting work for me, in most relations.

As for females, Belial or Bael, together with Agares are quite good.

And, in my last rite,
i underwent a Samael-Lilith Pathworking,
which was guided by some Loa aswell.

It still remains unclear to me,
what initiated that particular working,
as it seemed much more to be calling me in,
then me being the caller.

It definatly had aspect’s of possession,
leading to mental and emotional instability.


So i’d advice you to start small,
and not just run with samael-lilith.

  • (they’re very far up the ladder…)




very precise! :sunny:

Go with that. :+1:


Awesome thank you , if you don’t mind me asking are you still with the person you connected with ??

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Awesome I will looking into it and try it thank you so much :blush:


I will definitely order this book next paycheck


It’s funny.

I had been revealed my past life to be female black.
She was female black this life, and no, she seperated from me.
Actually acusing me of white power thinking.

To be fair, i screwed that up to a degree,
i also knew i was going in a bad direction becouse i 'd been challanged and attacked both from spirits and sorcerers.

I’m not in a physical relationship with her at the moment.

However, i know, and feel, the Etherial Connection to be there.

And at this point, even if i want to cut that bond…

It wouldn’t be easy.





I didn’t like the idea of accidentally overdoing it and making my husband a slave or go against his will. So any spell i did I set the intention of him becoming the best version of himself. The person he has told me HE would like to be.


I find that love spells that bind a person can either easily backfire or even negate its own effect because unless you actually want a love-slave you can be conflicted with intent vs. desire (which are different things even though some people tend to treat them the same). It’s better to make yourself more desirable, lovable and beautiful and find a person who will love you despite any flaws they see in you. Ashtaroth actually told me this recently during divination; I had to re-do the spread because it wasn’t clear to me at first why s/he (Ashtaroth seems very androgynous but has mainly feminine energy despite their masculine features) was telling me that I would eventually find love doing what I’m doing now. The second spread made me realize that I was overcoming weaknesses in a way that will make me more desirable in the future, especially as I grow more independent, using magic. I’m very thankful s/he made me realize that I don’t have to focus on love to find it.


Yes this is true. Sometimes like will attract like and you may not want to attract a partner with the same weaknesses you are trying to work on.


That sounds pretty nice :+1: