Turning off senses

I know a lot of people on here are trying to increase their sensitivity to spirits & entites- especially to work with demons and such. I know that should be a goal as it helps them grow spiritually and magically.

But what i need to know is how to turn them off sometimes. It gets to be too much, where its annoying to even close my eyes or i don’t know, it’s like spirits pURPOSELY get loud and try and grapple for attention. Sometimes if i think too much about certain entities they show up in my dreams when i DID NOT want to call them yet.

The only thing i have done that has helped tone it down a lot but not enough is annoyingly say “not now” because im not in the mood.

I don’t know why I’m so sensitive, or why my thoughts seem to be so loud- but does anyone have advice to help me with that ?

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Ground yourself. Pore breathing the element of Earth will help.

buddy i dont know what that meanss @DarkestKnight

Pore breathing is a technique from Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics.

Sit in meditation for a few moments and quiet your mind. Focus on your breath, and feel it as it moves in and out of your body. After a minute or two of that, feel that, with every breath you take, you are not just breathing with your lungs but with your skin as well. Every inhalation, feel your skin drawing in air too, and with every exhalation, feel the air moving out of your skin (you do not have to be naked. it works with clothes on just as well). Once you have that sensation going, imagine the air that you are breathing in has all the qualities of Earth; heavy, solid, dry, and breathe those qualities into yourself. Feel them becoming part of you when you exhale. Fill yourself until you cannot hold anymore, or until you feel stable and closed. Then go about your day.


My experiences so far have shown me there is no turning on and off of sense. It is more like your conscious focus is either rooted more in the physical or the spiritual.

Ritual banishing can help refocus the mind on back to the physical, it energetically repels spirits and scattered energies and replaces it with the energy you invoke, in the lbrp this is the energy of your divine self and the divine frequencies of the elements.