Turn your protection against you?

Looking for a spell to disarm a persons spiritual protectors or turn them against someone. Can anyone teach this or tell how to get it done?

There is one spell i know that could help, it is called the Hand of Dominance. It is a holy divine spell, but request help from the store you gotten your grimoires from for this one, because the success rate is around 21%, if failed they will zero in on you and most likely kill you.

What protection?

I’ve heard from jason miller you can bribe ones spirits against someone.

Would you happen to know how?

How about some sort of compulsion spell to overcome the spirit? This relies on you being more powerful than the spirit though.

If you are talking about hijacking a warding spell or some other defensive shielding…then what you can do is hack the concentration tether that the person uses to control the defensive spell. Again assuming you are the more skilled practitioner. This can be done to many spells, but requires a bit of raw power and finesse both.

I’m sadly not an expert.

But say you know who the spirits are try offering them something so they’ll step back so the target gets what they deserve.

Doesn’t mean they’ll let you destroy them but you can bring harm.

I would honestly just negotiate. Here’s why so and so isn’t worthy of your time. However, here’s why I am in fact worthy of your time.