Tunning into tarot

so after some months of been into tarot I finally tunned into it.

I’m talking about that step from the place in which you look at the cards and you rely only on the meaning of to to a place in which you actually look at the card and they “speak to you”…

It happened to me yesterday with none else than the Devil card.

what I did was basically “open” the card just like you do with a sigil, so basically you’re entering TGS while reading the card… after doing it the card immediatelly start talking the meaning came to surfice

this weird feeling came, the feeling of context like “ask something”, like if the tarot itself wanted to answer anything, tho it may have been some spirit, or the tarot itself, don’t know.

cards have deep meanings but they change in the moment you ask, you put context into them and they change.

for me, growing in a catholic enviroment, even if not catholic I had some issues concerning demons -perhaps that’s why I’m mostly working with them at the moment- and those issues manifested specially in front of the devil card wich seemed dark an dangerous…

so after a few moments of lookig at it, came this notion of been looking something that other people have been looking since the old days, I mean, I use Rider-Waite deck, and is not the oldest one, but the main cards… for how much time has humanity watched the same “arcana” to get insights and epifanies?? It seemed to mysterious for me… and then I got the answer from the card

I notice someting, the left hand of the devil with fire… yes, the powerful tool of the gods, a weird unimaginable prometean figure who has in front an slaved humanity… it is there to get them chain’s free? from that moment on, the card aura changed for me from “danger” to a solemn advice, even “aid”.

After that I started “talking” with each of the cards, specially the arcana… I did not had the same level of insights with all the cards but it was quite a trip.

anyway, just wanted to share in case anyone out there is having difficulties with this. I’ll sugest (if you don’t have the E.A.'s course already) to open the cards as if you were opening sigils and see what happen, and if you don’t have much fate in yourself, try using “ritual” enviroment, it may help.

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I’ve started using a more intuitive method of divination with the tarot. I imagine an image in my head for the card I see in context. I know that sound’s weird so I’ll give you an example…

I did a reading yesterday on what to cultivate in my chakra’s here’s what I got…

root:10 of swords reversed:which turned into an image of an enemy pinned to the cealing with 10 swords with me standing below him looking quite smug. victory through superior firepower, overcoming health problems through action and effort. the shifting of the tides when the battle is no longer on the uphill and victory is assured.

sexual chakra: moon reversed. me in a fedora with a cig hanging out with the moon above me walking down what appears to be an area similar to bourbon street. the image/card reeks of deception and seduction, but do to the issue of me standing alone, the meaning is clear. catch and release. no strings attatched.

I plan on refining the method with entering into trance before divination, and once I get my own deck where I much more “tuned in” I have a feeling this could be much more potent. it’s even better if you have artistic skill. I plan on drawing these images once I can actually freehand(I believe artistic skill is just that, a skill that can be learned and mastered.)

this method would probably be even better with the runes seeing as how you have less visual stimulation allowing the mind more freedom to create the image, which could translate to much more accurate divination. though that could be off.

I think that is a great way to use divination with the energetic centres, specially the chakras… after the reading the card it self could help to develop the according chakras… it could be used for chkra diagnostic, plus development…

I may be wrong but using intuition I think needs at least a bit of being in theta state (not necesarily TGS), if you get into TGS you’ll be able to trigger magickal imaginery… well I’m just babling I’ll need to experiment with your method and see what happens

You don’t need to be in full TGS at all. You just need to have a clear mind and receive the impressions. You should strive to scry into the situation and gain insights and to help yourself understand the message that the cards are giving. You can very literally scry the cards.

The cards don’t even matter though. They simply play at your subconscious and imbedded archetypes to pull information from the ether.