Trying to win a game

Im playing a game and there’s this raffle thing you get to do everyday and one of the prizes is you get to pick whatever item you want, is there anyway to influence the result of this thing

for example i have been playing this game on and off for a couple years and i still havent won it

and it is possible to win it even if you havent been playing long since ive seen a few people with it, its just completely up to luck and i guess i havent got any

any help would be appreciated

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If you believe that an entity with super natural power might want to help you improve your financial related luck why would you be focused on some silly game ?

On the games of chances, at first call the spirit to assist you attain mastery of the game, even if you are not that efficient but you should be good at it.

Afterwards call the spirit to increase your luck/chances of success you may win again and again and again.

Though it sounds it may take long, but it doesn’t take that long at all.

youre right, but also why not isnt the point of this is we get to live the way we want and i want to win this item

Yes, living how we want is certainly the point of working with the Spirits. Forgive my presumption in assuming that everybody is trying to get rich. For all I know you may already have all the money you want and are not trying to get richer.

The Spirit named Iromenis is known for his ability to increase luck when gambling. The game you are trying to win would fit into his range of expertise quite well.

I have not worked with Iromenis but I have worked with another of Astaroth’s associates for financial matters. They are a powerful and helpful group of Spirits. Here is a thread that mentions Iromenis and a couple of other Spirits for help with gambling. Best of luck to you.

thank you brother

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I’ve had some success with magic before in these raffle-esque games. A few years ago there was a wheel for free buffets at a nice hotel in this tent. Did a quick earth spell, drawing a pentagram into the dirt. Whole family walked out with free buffets. It is possible, I wouldn’t recommend working with spirits on something so mundane, you’re better of with spellcasting if you can.

can you point me on some things i need for this

How versed are you in magic? It depends. If you’re a complete beginner you’d want to look into meditation and thought/energy control and then go from there. If you already got the basics down all you really need is to make a simple spell or use another from a reputable force, for this particular scenario you’d aiming for a “luck spell” or “win a game” spell. These can be as simple as muttering words into the air. Or as complex as using an altar and making a whole ritual.