Trying to understand why it didn’t work

You must have read my previous despair posts lol…

4 months have passed and I’ve let go even though I’m still in love. I believe in the Law of Attraction and I hope to be able to manifest a new relationship with my SP now that I no longer lust for results.

The thing is that I practiced many spells on him. Candles, menstrual blood, hoodoo stuff with petition paper, honey jar etc… and NOTHING did work. I had a very small result which is a moment of affection and cuddling after persisting and a lot of backfires (such as chaotic hookups and drunk horny texts) but nothing, he didn’t even have feelings he told me lol, only affection.

YET i had ALL the signs showing that the love spells were working. Like seeing his name everywhere, feeling a powerful energy, vivid dreams of him etc.

I would like to know and understand why it didn’t work. Could it take time ? Like them working years after or whatever
Or just should I cast them again now that my mindset changed, I no longer lust for results and i’m way less obsessed ?


There may be blockages present or you’re holding on too much. You may have had opportunities to take it further with them but ignored it.

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He is mentally unstable and deals with alcohol and addictions… A psychic told me that he had a very dark and complicated universe (is the dude a demon??? lmaooo) so the whole blocage may be on his side… I thought that depression and stuff would make of him a weaker target but apparently not. And it might be on my side as well since I’m dealing with anxiety and codependency…

I know that I’m trying to manifest back a toxic relationship but well I thought about it totally take every responsabilities for what’s coming next :woman_shrugging:t2: I mean it works for the others so why not me

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Sorry to say, you might be involved in the dark night of the soul related to relationships. It’s really been throwing us all through hell, and we just gotta grow to face it.

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…sometimes things don’t work in our favor because the spirits see something you don’t and may be protecting you, or keeping you from a situation that may possibly harm you.


This is spot on :ok_hand:t3:

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Bingo. But with that said, keep trying OP and you’ll get what you want. Plenty of people get what they never should have pursued in the first place, and then learn (after much trauma, pain and damage) why it was so damn hard to get it in the first place.

For example… my sister wanted a guy. Got pregnant by him, said she’d raise the baby herself because he had been banned from entering a state due to some violent action towards a woman. That was her first warning. She had vivid dreams of abuse when she started pursuing him more. She later ended up marrying him because he had $$ and status, and his record was covered up. Man ended up being a rapist pedophile alcoholic who abandoned his kids after she gave him 3. He now lives free as a bird, happy to do whatever tf he wants. Now my sister is in foreclosure, no child support, with mentally damaged children and siblings and a broken relationship on all fronts. She’s practically homeless and her kidneys are failing. If she knew then what she knows now, she would have heeded the warning her own spirit gave her.