Trying to try anything to find someone

who should I go to ?

I believe Asmoday can assist with such things.

I have call Aphrodite.venus.for for sex.sitry too.but just Google.u may find a good spell

Try asking Zepar to bring you someone. He’s great at bringing people you’ve never met into your life. Sallos, Sitri, and Asmodeus are all good choices as well.

First, if you’re trying to “try anything” to find someone, be aware that you will find yourself in pitfalls within due time. For one, you should not desire something so intensely and nurture that desire for the sorcery- that is bad magic.

Second, you’re going to need more than just a spirit to summon to fix your problems. You need a strategy, for all goals and not just this. For example:

  • do you have an avenue where you may meet potential partners?
  • how many of those you got?
  • how’s your hygiene? Physique? A little bit of glamour won’t kill you or your partner.
  • are you charming? mysterious? intimidating? Know thyself, and complement your weaknesses magically. Have confidence issues? Cast for their absence or distraction in “the moment(s) of truth”.
  • you got any hooks? As in, what about you do people latch onto, what is your most romantic quality, etc.? Play to your strengths when it comes to the hook, and to your weaknesses when it comes to sustained interaction. However, if you’re more of an introvert who has difficulty carrying conversations but can spark one easily, reverse them.

In other words, when it comes to strategy, you want to make what you’re good at, really good, and to make what you’re so-so at, balanced and the impact of its disharmony negligible if non-existent.

It is to these micro-vectors of attack, that you summon spirits to attend.

my biggest problems are a almost complete lacking of a sense of humanity and wording things correctly because I say it and it makes sense to my point but others sometimes take it wrong and a low toleration of Bullshit I tend to call people on theirs and I expect the same in return

glad to see theresults is like minded people to me