Trying to make things happen

I end up talking to chicks, but nothing ends up happen wonder what I can do magical that will help lead to more manifestation or just plain hooking up. More seduction ?

Well I mean first off you can look at more mundane ways to improve ahemmm your sex life. Or the manifesting of one for the lack of a better phrase.

Not saying “you don’t have game” or whatever but maybe try different approaches to how you deal and talk to women.
Subtle things, gestures, being confident etc.

I would say when all the mundane have been ruled out and didn’t work, then obviously the magickal path has got enough that you can do to boost that right up…

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck :metal:

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it was a dumb question to being with. Thanks for the reply!

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No such thing as n dumb question mate.
No worries!

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No, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask anything here.

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Just fucking go for it. Don’t be nervous or uneasy and if you get rejected you get rejected.

Are you looking for a relationship, just a fuck, or something in between?

You could be told to look into things such as NLP, body language, and all these other strategies and while super effective when done right they also weigh you down with a checklist of things you feel you have to do right. So study a little NLP, and for body language just be expressive and keep the spine comfortably straight and don’t hold to the rules too tightly. You would be good to look into mesmerism and magnetic personalities and energy.

Self-affirmation is so stereotyped but it is effective.

“I am charming. I am handsome. I am magnetic and irresistible and worthy of all my desires.”

Something along those lines repeated until you fall asleep gets the good thoughts in your head. Get enough sleep, build that vital energy within you until you are feel positively radioactive with it. Let it shine through every action you take and make these into habits. Habits instead of techniques. Look at people with that charm you want to have and see how they act and carry themselves.

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Im not saying this is the case or in any ways trying to be mean but…

If you walk up to a women expecting to be rejected. You will be. We pick up on that vibe (and it is a vibe) and walk away from it. Be confident, respectful and show you have something to offer in terms of friendship/love whatever the case may be (again not sayin you aren’t already. Just things we clue in on) and go from there. Magic and spells help but really aren’t necessary and won’t help at all if you don’t have the basics already in play. Flings are fine and do happen but there still has to be something “there” Hope that makes sense.

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